John Roman – Revision001

Canadian based John Roman just released number one of a 10-part free EP series called REVISION. Each track in REVISIONS is composed almost exclusively from a different Rap/R&B album from the last 15 years. With the exception of the odd 808/909, every melodic, percussive and atmospheric element in each track is created using its corresponding source album. Listen as Crunk is transformed into UK Garage, Pop-rap is warped to Deep House, and R&B is mutated to Industrial Techno… Brilliant concept, isn’t it?!

So the first two tracks are “Give U My Life” – a revision of DMX’s Great Depression and “Citric Jazz” – a revision of Aesop Rock’s None Shall Pass.

Feel free to grab this amazing bassy tracks from John’s Facebook page.

More Info’s:
John Roman on Facebook | Soundcloud | Twitter

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