Day Of Many – The Remixes

The power and creativity of many and the final touchs of Zombie Nation aka Florian Senfter build this unique idea and accordingly the final track! The “Day Of Many” original was made out of this parts: Alex Katz (Beat and ‘wupp‘)/ Solar Explosion (bass) / Elmo 3000 (metallic sound) / Clouds (hihat) / Alan Fujitsu (zipper) / Dominik Naglik (16th stab) / Bajadechezbaja (percussion) / gbn242424 (high stab) /solar explosion (cowbell) / EGill (hihat) / Passion at Place (falling tone)! Zombie Nation and his crew received around 50 remixes and these are the final nine! If you want to know how Zombie did this, check my last post about “Day Of Many” (and the “Day Of Many 2010“). Here you can see the whole stream or just a little summary!

? Day Of Many – The Remixes

My favs are the Starter, Megamegaman and Plainview Remix but listen to all cause for sure the others are woth it too! Enjoy!

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