The New Look 2011

Hey guys, welcome to my old but new looking page! I’ve worked about 2 months on it! Searching a unique theme (unfortunately I found two other music blogs which use this theme), customizing it for my requirements and adjust the last things like options, pages, links, posts and stuff. I’m really proud about it and excited! I hope you’ll like it?!

First main features are the two views. You can discover my blog with the “list” mode and the “grid” mode. Just play around and use your favourite.

Next improvement is the way you load new posts. Usually you have some navigation buttons but I’ve decided to use the jQuery based “load” function above the post on the main page. If you click on it, you’ll get the next 9 posts. If you don’t like it, please leave a comment.

At the header section you will find a popup player which only shows you all the exclusive mixtapes with the soundcloudplayer. You’ll be able to browse through my page or something else and listen to the mixtapes.

Next thing is the “Artist” page. You’ll find all artists I’ve blogged about in alphabetical order. If you find your choice and click on it, you’ll get all posts listed.

So please be patient if there are some things like unformatted tracklists and stuff. Or missing videos in the “video” category. It’s really hard to check all 525 posts and fix them. If you find something strange leave a comment at the post!

Well, I really hope you like what you see! Just explore the new page and tell my what you think about and sure feel free to give some constructive criticism! If you have some questions, drop it!


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