Dr. Gonzo – The Gonzo Anthem EP Remixes

Yesterday, the new Dr. Gonzo “The Gonzo Anthem EP” remixes dropped with a lot of good remixes! They get the skills from Sinden, Malente, Slap in the Bass, Mumbai Science, Will Bailey, Stabber and LuckyBeard, Keith & Supabeatz and AudioFun… All are really good but my favs are the Sinden, Mumbai Science and the Slap in the Bass tracks. Give them a listen with the 3 minutes preview and get your copy on BEATPORT!

? Dr. Gonzo – The Gonzo Anthem EP Remixes

Oh and grab the Malente Remix for free! Legal! Just klick HERE! Enjoy!

More Info’s:
Sinden | Malente | Slap in the Bass | Mumbai Science | Will Bailey | Stabber and LuckyBeard | Keith & Supabeatz | AudioFun

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