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Primarily, Siriusmo aka Moritz Friedrich is a real survivalist, played in a band for many years and is a fan of old keyboards. As a professional artist (painting, illustration, graffiti) Siriusmo lives off temporary jobs and even does construction work now and then. Just on extremely rare occastions can Moritz be seen on stage (children’s birthday parties or other family get-togethers) – and even then his mood is rather shitty due to his bad taking of criticism.

Moritz already had quite a lot releases on respective labels. His one and only comment on those releases: “On each record there is one song that I still like, the rest – unfortunately – is shit.

I’m so excited about the release of his debut album “Mosaik”! The LP comes out on “Monkeytown RecordsFebruary 25th and US date March 1st! So there is also a rumour that he suffers from serious stage fright to the point that he can’t perform in front of a crowd. Bad thing! Would love to see him live! Taste the preview after the tracklist and mark the release date on your calendar! The Album will be available in all good stores you know!

CD Tracklisting:

1. High Together (Album Version) 4:10
2. Feromonikon (CD Edit) 3:35
3. Sirimande (CD Only Bonus Track) 4:14
4. Call Me 0:51
5. Mosaik 3:09
6. Bad Idea 2:49
7. Lass den Vogel frei! 1:49
8. 123 (Album Version) 2:48
9. Idiologie 2:48
10. Einmal in der Woche schreien 4:00
11. Good Idea 3:36
12. Nights Off (CD Only Bonus Track) 4:08
13. Peeved 1:13
14. Feed My Meatmachine (CD Only Bonus Track) 3:32
15. Goldene Kugel 5:00
16. Signal 5:37
17. Red Knob 3:44

2xLP Tracklisting:

A1 Mosaik 3:09
A2 Tierpark Berlin (Vinyl Exclusive Bonus Track) 3:23 A3 Goldene Kugel 5:00
A4 Peeved 1:13
A5 Lass den Vogel frei! 1:49
B1 High Together (Album Version) 4:10
B2 Someone Died (Vinyl Exclusive Bonus Track) 4:54
B3 Call Me 0:51
B4 Red Knob 3:44
C1 Ideology 2:48
C2 Einmal in der Woche schreien 4:00
C3 Feromonikon 4:21
C4 Traum (Vinyl Exclusive Bonus Track) 4:29
C5 Take Five (Vinyl Exclusive Bonus Track) 0:28
D1 Bad Idea 2:49
D2 Good Idea 3:36
D3 123 (Album Version) 2:48
D4 Signal 5:37

? Siriusmo – Mosaik (MONKEYTOWN010 CD & 2xLP)

You can find more previews here! DAMN CAN’T WAIT TO GET THIS!

Grab the free track “Mosaik” on my Random Treasuries Post! Enjoy!

? Siriusmo – Mosaik

Brilliant video to a better track! I love it! Enjoy!

Siriusmo on Soundcloud | Facebook | Myspace

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