V.A. – Palm Club Vol.2

Not so new but also hot is the compilation by MonstArt, called “Palm Club Vol. 2”, which came out some weeks ago. It includs 16 tracks from talented artists from USA, Russia, UK and France. The whole package is available for free. Download your favourite song one by one from the player or just grab them all here as a zip.

MonstArt is a south French based label and creative collective based in Montpellier. They asked each artist to make an ode to summer between House and Bass Music. The outcomes features two of my favourites Borussia and The Phantom’s Revenge, followed by some new names like Mamboussa, Kieran Loftus or Ballast. The whole compilation get a good 6.9, cause there are some great outstanding tunes in there, like Kords, Girl Knight or Secret Full Contact Event Spread the love for these tunes, enjoy!

Show Tracklist
Borussia – Kords
Fisky – Pathos Theme
Barow XL – Bubb Track
Botaz – Sol
Ballast – Cassanova
De Grandi – Type 1
BlackHouse – Bissap
Supa – Under Construction Club
Discyr – Onetwo
Nunu – Sheets
Kieran Loftus X Patrick Brian – She Killed It But She Ugly
Ouanounou – Burnin’
Mamboussa – Girl Knight
Francois Dillinger – Four Seasons
Queen Leaf – Freeze
The Phantom’s Revenge – Secret Full Contact Event
VA – Palm Club Vol.2
V.A. – Palm Club Vol.2
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More Info’s:

MonstArt on Facebook Borussia on Facebook The Phantom’s Revenge on Facebook

9 1. Borussia - Kords

7 2. Fisky - Pathos Theme

6 3. Barow XL - Bubb Track

7 4. Botaz - Sol

8 5. Ballast - Cassanova

6 6. De Grandi - Type 1

7 7. BlackHouse - Bissap

6 8. Supa - Under Construction Club

6 9. Discyr - Onetwo

7 10. Nunu - Sheets

8 11. Kieran Loftus X Patrick Brian - She Killed It But She Ugly

6 12. Ouanounou - Burnin'

8 13. Mamboussa - Girl Knight

5 14. Francois Dillinger - Four Seasons

6 15. Queen Leaf - Freeze

9 16. The Phantom's Revenge - Secret Full Contact Event

Such a gret compilation by the French based label and creative collective MonstArt with a lot of new and upcoming talents.

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