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Mr. Oizo
Mr. Oizo

My reaction after hearing that Mr. Oizo will release a new LP was like this, which is pretty much the same every single time I’m listening to this new LP called “The Church”. Quentin Dupieux released this new album on Brainfeeder, which features ten tracks with this typically idiosyncratic sound. One of them was made in collaboration with Bart B More, which you literally can hear in Dry Run.

Summing up an Oizo record is quite impossible so basically, he describes it at it’s best in his recent interview for Dazed and Confused – which you can read in full here:

Are you after that magical quality in your music too?

Yeah, of course. Because now, with the software we have, it’s pretty easy to reproduce something you hear on the radio. If you want to work a week to reproduce what you heard on the radio, you can do it. Because you can find every sound you can imagine; everything is available for free. With a small computer now, you can have a big sound just like the big producers. But this is not interesting – what I’m trying to capture is something that you can’t really control. And yes, we can call it magic, because that’s what I’m looking for. And basically that’s what I’m doing, because if you ask me “how did you record this song,” I don’t even know. There’s no plan. I’m not thinking, “okay, now I’m going to make a disco tune.” Actually when I think like that, I’m not able to do anything. It’s like digging for gold, you know. I’m trying to find gold.

“The Church” is already available on iTunes, go and get it!

Show Tracklist
01. Bear Biscuit
02. Ham
03. Destop
04. Dry Run (feat. Bart B More)
05. Mass Doom
06. Machyne
07. iSoap
08. Torero
09. Memorex
10. The Church
Mr. Oizo – The Church
Mr. Oizo – The Church LP
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Mr. Oizo - The Church LP

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