Pola-Riot – What What EP

Exclusive full EP stream the What What EP! Pola-Riot from Vienna don’t just run the no.1 party in town, they also cause quite a fuzz as producers lately! Being signed by Tommie Sunshine and played by Kissy Sell Out these guys are set to take off soon! What What is a perfect demonstration of what they are capable of doing in the future! It’s a absolute corker that guarantees to set floors on fire! And it’s backed by remixes other artists would peel their toes off for…

? 1. What What (Original)
What What (Original Mix) Hostage…what more can I say about this guy? He absolutely kills it every time…this time he freaked out on an acid tip, bringing 303 back to your sets! Amazing!!!!!!!!

? 2. What What (Hostage Remix)
What What (Hostage Remix) LA’s Valerna known well from their huge releases on Plasmapool turns the original into a fierce big room smasher like only they can at the moment!!

? 3. What What (Valerna Remix)
What What (Valerna Remix) Serial Chillers pop out a banging NuTechno track that already is on rotation at belgiums no.1 radio station and is set to give this guy the spotlight he deserves!!

? 4. What What (Serial Chillers Remix)
What What (Serial Chillers Remix) Also Super Super our secret Remix-weapon can’t go wrong! As everytime it’s absolutely incredible how these guys manage to put their trademark sound on everything they touch…they surely got the midas touch regarding doing a sound at the same time minimal yet maximal, deep yet punchy!

? 5. What What (Super Super Remix)
What What (Super Super Remix) Pola-Riots homies Pristine Blusters from Brazil and Creme Prulee and DRCT from Vienna also deliver huge versions that won’t fail in ANY set!!!

? 6. What What (Creme Prulee Remix)
What What (Creme Prulee Remix) ? 7. What What (Pristine Blusters Remix)
What What (Pristine Blusters Remix) ? 8. What What (DRCT Remix)
What What (DRCT Remix) BUY the whole EP here on BEATPORT but til this grab the two free tracks! Enjoy!

Pola-Riot | Valerna | Mähtrasher

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