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Here we go with five new tracks to play out, throw on your iPod/Phone/whatever or just skip it. But the last would be a huge mistake cause I’ve got five really really gorgeous tracks for y’all. Oh got this sounds like I’ve quote Tim Cook. So let us start with the phenomenal Astronomar, who’s definitly on my “freak-out-if-there-is-a-new-track-by…” list.

Astronomar – Hacksaw

Astronomar – H3Y I C U PERCUL8-10

Like the “Hacksaw” track above, dutch Mason delivered “Get It Together” for Fools Golds’s “Clubhouse Vol. 3”. And beware of his next EP called “Bass Friend”. Just got the promo today, it’s nasty! Stay tuned for the preview.

Mason – Get It Together

And another entry on one of my lists, the brilliant Duke Dumont. If you never heard anything from him, you’ve never heared good music.

Duke Dumont – Reclamation Of Trance

So last but not least another cool and free remix by the guys from Kids At The Bar, who always and continuously release one of their great reworks. D V N O – Four capital letters – Printed in gold – Cause details make the girls sweat…

Justice – DVNO (Kids At The Bar Remix)

More Info’s:
Astronomar | Mason | Duke Dumont | Kids At The Bar

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