Dilligas – Let It Out

Dilligas – Let It Out
Dilligas – Let It Out

Dilligas, an amusing acronym disguised as a silly word which stands for “do I look like I give a shit?” You can say it to your parents, your kid sister, your maiden aunt, really anyone who is annoying you, but whom you do not want to anger. Well, haven’t heared this before but you can learn something new every day.

Anyway, Let It Out isn’t the first track from the mysterious italian dj/producer duo. I’m always looking for this crazy new sounds and both deliver it with the massive Let It Out. It’s the name given track for their latest EP. Check the link below to hear the second song Crow on Beatport. Support them and buy their music, here on iTunes or Beatport. Enjoy!

Dilligas – Let It Out
Dilligas – Let It Out
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Dilligas – Let It Out

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Dilligas on Facebook Dilligas on Soundcloud Dilligas on Twitter Dilligas on Beatport
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