Hanuman Tribe – Autumn Gold Pt. II [Interview & Mix]

Hanuman Tribe [photo by Gnion]
Hanuman Tribe [photo by Gnion]

It’s been way too long since I’ve presented you the last exclusive mix. So it is a great pleasure to (re)start with the two buddies from Hanuman Tribe and the second part of the “Autumn Gold Mixtape” – which is riddled with 44 tracks of their own productions plus many other artists like Apparat, Blaze Tripp, Bonobo, Solvane, aUtOdiDakT, Figure, Sawgood just to name a few.

Show Tracklist
1. Apparat – Lighton (Mute)
2. Cato – Soul Electronic (Sin City Recordings)
3. Matthew Connor – Midnight Blue
4. TroyBoi & Evil Needle – Drive (Hegemon)
5. The Geek & Vrv – Do Me A Favor
6. Blaze Tripp & Rattraps – Indifferent (Never Slept)
7. Vaski & Break Nasty – Weightless
8. Broke For Free – XXV
9. ABSDRST – Skin Contest ft. JSTJR (Nest HQ)
10. Bonobo _ Prelude (Ninja Tune)
11. Haywyre – Everchanging (Monstercat)
12. Champagne Drift – Bermuda (Mad Decent)
13. Phazz – You (Cream Collective)
14. Drip Drop – Gurren Lagan (Gentle Records)
15. Solvane – Besides (Kallias Music)
16. Doc Trashz – Golden Revenge (Teenage Riot)
17. Proxy – Who Are You (Trumpdisco Remix) (Ultra)
18. Figure – Monster Mania (DOOM)
19. Alan Rosales – Algeria
20. aUtOdiDakT & Kroyclub – Popo (Maehtrasher)
21. Beatbender – Anti Optimism (Laforcah Remix) (Jet Set Trash)
22. 4B – Bomboclat (Main Course)
23. Sawgood – Demo 28
24. Tha Trickaz – No Rescue (Figure Remix) (Otodayo)
25. Hanuman Tribe – Baba Jaga (Backdraft Remix) (Ayra)
26. Black Tiger Sec Machine – The Grave (Kannibalen)
27. What – Say What Again (The Freestylers Remix) (Dirty Lemon)
28. Toronto Is Broken – Recall ft BBK (601 Remix) (Sub Slayers)
29. I Am Robot – I Am The Robot VIP
30. Creaky Jackals – Disaster (Otodayo)
31. I Think I Broke Something – Superman Sabotage Clan (Hanuman Tribe Remix) (Jet Set Trash)
32. Nostalgia – Butterscotch (Prime Audio)
33. Bawdy – Everyday
34. Knife Party – Boss Mode (Earstorm)
35. Quba – From Romania (Swarm Host)
36. Snails & Bawdy – RDM (Kannibalen)
37. Figure – Return To The House On Haunted Hill (DOOM)
38. Rhythm Riders ft Aswad Renegade Soundwave & Brother Culture – Give Me A Sign (Bladerunner RMX) (Sub Slayers)
39. Wax Tailor ft. Charlotte Savary – Sieze The Day
40. Soma UK – The Dream Is Over (Ammunition)
41. Task Horizon – Weave The Strands (Evolution Chamber)
42. Gridlock & Dom and Roland – Moodswings (Break Remix) (Dom&Roland Productions)
43. Mefjus – Suicide Bassline (Critical Music)
44. Gidge – I Fell In Love (Atomnation)
Hanuman Tribe – Autumn Gold Mixtape Pt. II
Hanuman Tribe – Autumn Gold Mixtape Pt. II
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Welcome Lilijan & Orchidan, nice to have you here again! As we already had an introduction about the persons behind your project Hanuman Tribe in the first “Autumn Gold Mixtape“, i guess we can jump over it, and i ll give you some space to tell us about what happened since then?

L: “Yay! First of all, thank you for the option to come back and to feature the Autumn Gold Pt. II on your blog. Was always on our mind to continue that potpourri of tracks we feel under that banner, we love autumn. So, what happened since then – phew! Thats quite a lot.”

Maybe lets start with your second musical life, your work as being audio engineers & producers besides your Hanuman Tribe imprint? I heard that you have contributed soundtracks for the current german thriller WHO AM I – like Boys Noize?

L: “Ah yea. That was a cool job. Fascinating project and a great score.”

O: “The second musical life.. we started about 3 years ago to do audio for commercials, TV spots, corporate/image videos, web movies or animations. We had to go further on with our audiophile beings, and to immerse ourselves into that field was just a logical desicion – we need variety and challenges – and its exciting to focus on new assignments.”

I spotted some office pictures on your facebook wall (most of them with not-so-office-like content) – do you work for an media agency?

L: “Haha, ok know what you mean. Yep, we have a studio at HEIMSPIEL, a creative agency in our hometown Augsburg, working there as freelancers. And about the pics with the fancy nerd stuff.. I mean, Weisswurst feasts, nerv guns, the play seat or a Boitzn (traditional bavarian-style arranged accomodation) as conference room are more than important for the creative process!”

O: “But we also work for different agencys as well, for example for PAS DE DEUX, who assigned us to do music for WHO AM I, or the MezzoMix TV spot amongst others.”

You did a break with Hanuman Tribe activity for some months – was that because of the second musical life? And just before that interval you uploaded a snippet of 10 or more tracks called “LITTLE DESTROYER“, what will you do with them?

Hanuman Tribe – Little Destroyer [Snippets]
Hanuman Tribe – Little Destroyer [Snippets]
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L: “Hm. Maybe because of that as well. But more because of my third musical life. I got an inquiry from the Theatre Augsburg, to play as electronic musician for an operetta – mashup of two pieces by Offenbach, called Banditen Von Gerolstein.. and that job emerged as a tuff challenge for me as i had to take up the position to also replace the musical administration during some weeks of the rehearsals, and to play all piano parts on the operetta shows as well – and i stopped playing classical piano like 12 years ago! So i had to lock myself up in the studio and play piano till fingers burned. But exactly that was like a ‘here you go man!’ from fate to me.. i always felt a gap in my musical being doin electronic music and producing only and.. coming back to the piano just feels damn right.”

O: “And right now you are producing the next piece for the Theatre , eh?”

L: “Yup. Also new to me, also exciting, producing all atmo, sounds and music for a staging of “Wir Lieben Und Wissen Nichts” for the Brecht Bühne Augsburg.”

O: “And to come back to Hanuman Tribe, about the LITTLE DESTROYER: yes, we produced that bunch of audio bullets first of all as unreleased material for our past summer gigs, but now we will start to release them bit by bit soon in the upcoming weeks & months, some of them as free downloads. Will keep you updated on our facebook page!”

Looking forward to that! Little Destroyer sounds quite hard, will you keep on producing more the banger sound in the future?

L: “The destroyer tunes are more the raging modus, yea. And when we are playing live, we always will roll out the tuff amunition, as we just need that climax of energies in the club.
But about the musical future in the studio, we decided to break down the genre walls completely on just do what we feel right in the moment.”

O: “Exactly. I mean you know us, our passion is and was always to mix up styles and to be more on the experimental spot – in our early days in the breaks & drum and bass scene, the last years the rave/electro scene.. but by now we still had kind of focus on the effect of impact, when you play these tunes in the club. In the future we will completely uncouple ourselves from that target. If we are in raging modus, there will rise heavy club stomper, if we are in .. autumn mood, we ll create gentle music for the soul.”

Okay guys, we’ve learned a lot about you! It was really great to have you for the interview and sure thanks for the absolutely massive mix.

L & O: “Thank you! Was a huge pleasure. You do amazing work here as well! We love your blog man =)”

More Info’s:

Hanuman Tribe on Facebook Hanuman Tribe on Soundcloud Hanuman Tribe on Beatport Hanuman Tribe on Youtube
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