Demolition Disco – Big Mama EP 1 & 2

Yeah I love this video and both parts of the “Big Mama” EP! Paul & Richard, two Munich based crazy guys aka Demolition Disco released their new EP on Riot Riot Records! Bot parts are out now on BEATPORT! Check the following stuff and grab both mixtapes! It contains all massive remixes and many many more! Enjoy!

Big Mama EP Part 1

When we listened to the original by DEMOLITION DISCO we felt in love with the artistic otherness right away, when a big pack of humor strikes dark & dirty bassmusic attitude! Big Mama ha ha ha! We schedule a split-EP, and part one appears on Riot Riot Electrique, a dazzling gathering of artists from different camps:

We rave to STEREOHEROES’ quirky synthtrumpets in a cool propulsive track, we got AEROTRONIC’ s version using uncompromising basses und phat phat beats, the trashy remix from JUNKIETRON, junkstuff for the techno punks! And we loose our minds and indulge in transcending the world, no, the galaxy! while listening to the musical masterpiece of Japan’s legend CAPTAIN FUNK!

♫ Demolition Disco – Big Mama EP Part 1 Previews

Big Mama EP Part 2

Also we got three heavy broken beats versions on Part Two, out on Riot Riot Broken:

ACCESS DENIED delivers high quality beats & synths, touched with a deep & mystique vibe, and a wicked massive slomo-part, beware of the evil double kick! Absolute pedal-to-the-metal sound once again from our man B-PHREAK, bonecruncher breaks to mash up the place, duuude! And then we got our label’s liveact HANUMAN TRIBE, flogging electrificating soundworx, a beautiful atmospheric break, and tear-off sirene synths in full effect!

♫ Demolition Disco – Big Mama EP Part 2 Previews

Demolition Disco – Like A Bull In A China Shop – Vol II

Hanuman Tribe live @ Big Mama Releaseparty / 1 Year Riot Riot Anniversary

More Info’s:
Demolition Disco | Riot Riot Records | Hanuman Tribe

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