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Here we go with a new guest mix in the line, made by a German DJ/producer named Attack 1985. With releases on Mako Records and several tracks/remixes on Mähtrasher Records he isn’t new in the music business. Don’t want to disclose too much cause I really entrust you to read the interview – it contains all of the necessary informations you’ll need. And be sure to grab this massive mix he did only for you! Enjoy!


Show Tracklist
1. Trevino – Tweakonomics
2. Instra:Mental – Thomp
3. Modek – Sally
4. Armando – 100% Of Disin’ You (Mike Dunn Remix)
5. Nautiluss – Troubleman
6. Henzel & Disco Nova – Hypnotize Minds
7. Special Request – Lolita (Warehouse Mix)
8. Randomer – We Laugh, We Scream
9. Mumbai Science – Reality
10. Metske – Conscius
11. Crackboy – The Devil Blues
12. Erphun – Diatomic (Monoloc Remix)
13. Adam X – My Mind Is Clear
14. Peacefull Reality – The Judgement

LM: Welcome Steve, I’m glad to have you for this short interview. First give my readers a little introduction.

First of all big thx to pick me up for a article on your great blog. Im a 27 year old producer from south/ west of germany. I started to DJ with vinyls only probably with 18 and producing in 2006 i think. So for all who see me with my laptop on stage, yes i can handle some technics 1210.

LM: So tell us something about your alter ego “Attack 1985”. Maybe a short history briefing…

Well the projected started 3 years ago with a different team composition. The first release was on proxys mako records, but i also worked on different productions and aliases which the most of you don’t know. A lot of happened in the hole scene since them. Good to say hi in 2012!

LM: Nowadays it’s hard to classify this huge amount of different styles in music, but how would you describe your own work?

My old work is defiantly harsh experimental electro. The new tracks going in a different direction, would say more deeper stuff with some old school flavour. For me its cool that i was a small part of the electro heaviness in the last years but i want to improve my sound of my productions an take it to the next step. Its quite funny, when i started to DJ i only play tech and housy stuff like the hole cocoon compilations and so on. Then came the hole hype about the different styles like hard electro, dub step etc and eveybody say come on play some banging stuff not so boring techno. And now techno is alive again… the circle of music business. I think its only important that you love what you do, don’t believe the hype!

LM: You’ve released several tracks on the German label Mähtrasher and your first EP was released by the famous Mako Records. So what are your plans for the future? Any new weapons to come? Tell us some secrets.

Its a bid quite around Attack 1985 at the moment. The last own release was 1 year ago. Collecting new tracks for a while now and i hope i can drop them at the beginning of 2013.

LM: I guess it’s a dream for any new talents to have a debut release on a label like Mako, as you did. How did that happen and maybe you could give some tips…

Yeah mako is a cool label from depth of moscow and i like it what its stand for. Normally intruder should released on another label and the mould which was brand new on mako made a remix for it. Then i get some trouble with the other label and we cancelled the release. So i get in contact with mako probably over the mould, thats it.

LM: When you look at Beatport or something, you’re slayed by this big variety of good and not so good tracks. What should have a track to gain your full attention?

Not have any stupid trance chords

LM: Let’s finish this with some easy question-shots: Your favourite tracks at the moment?

I put some of them in my new mix, have a listen. Adam X – My mind is clear have some dope vocals.

LM: The most underrated producer?


LM: The track you would play to fill the dance floor?

K90 – 1999

LM: So many thanks for take your time to answer the questions and for the great mix. What about breaking up with a nice quote or wisdom…?

Social media is a cool thing but i hope i see some of you soon in real life!

More Info’s:
Attack 1985 on Facebook | Soundcloud | Twitter

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