Introducing: Modern Hype

Modern Hype is a electronica inspired duo from Austria, making their own kind of ear bashing sound, influenced by classic acid sounds, 808 kicks and stupid girlfriends. Being good friends with Ego Troopers and Dunjinz, they working closely giving each other feedbacks on their tracks, helped Modern Hype getting better and better.

Currently both are working on an EP together with their friend Crumps from Australia. Also doing unofficial remixes that hit blogs all over the internet including the Mumbai Science — Lotus (edit) and their the Rox – Posh (Re-Remix)! They get attention from the likes of Modek, TAI, Ego Troopers, Blatta & Inesha, Nadisko, roeVy, NT89 just to count a few!

I’ve choosen some of their awesome tracks to show you! Be sure to grab the mix above and follow them on any channels you can! Enjoy!

More Info’s:
Modern Hype on Facebook | Soundcloud | Twitter

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