Snob Electro Sounds – Machines EP

SNOB Electro Sounds was born in 2008 in Belgium, even then it was obvious that combining these two best friends would surely result in a small nuclear blast. Its not your average radio tunes that you will hear in their sets, but a hurricane of BASS and BEATS! They started producing their own music in the beginning of 2009. After a lot of attention on the blogosphere the doors had been widely opened to take Belgium by storm! The two tracks Machines and Circuits off the The Machines EP is a perfect demonstration of what they are capable of doing in the future! They´re absolute corkers that guarantees to set floors on fire! And it’s backed by great and talented remixers. PANDAmic, also a Belgian duo, and already supported by GTRONIC, KRFTKDS or The Boomzers shows their ability by popping out a banging NuTechno track that you want to listen again and again. Kommander Keen from Germany will vibrate your teeth with a definitely crazy peektime Death Electro track wich will bang your head. Newcomer duo Dead C?T Bounce from Luxembourg are really bouncing out their skills with a dark but harmonic track with a monster distortion. And last but not least SNOB ES homie KLOAN delivers a huge Dubstep version that won’t fail in any set! The Machines will come! No cheesy Bigroom stuff just raw as fun!


? 1. Machine (Original)
? 2. Machine (PANDAmic Remix)
? 3. Machine (Kommander Keen Remix)
SNOB Electro Sounds – Machines (Kommander Keen Remix) ? 4. Machine (Dead CAT Bounce Remix)
? 5. Machine (KLOAN Remix)
? 6. Circuits (Original)

The EP is out sind last friday the 26th november! Prelisten the other tracks on BEATPORT!

Trash de Disco Records | Snob Electro Sounds | Kommander Keen

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