Noize Generation – Drop That EP

Noize Generation next EP called “Drop That” with remixes from The Sexinvaders, Disco Trash Music, Hanuman Tribe and I:Lyke. With this release we already got big support from the ones like Aerotronic, Cyberpunkers, Modek, Underhall, Edu K, Gtronic, A Girl And A Gun, Flore, Sawgood, Jay Robinson, Backdraft, Reset!, Oh! My God It’s Techno Music, Stereoheroes, Autodidakt, F.O.O.L, Bit Thief and more. Buy the Ep on Beatport!

? Tracklist & Preview

Free Track:

? Noize Generation – Drop That (Disco Trash Music Alternative Remix)

EDU K: wow… anotha killa here – original and disco trash music rmx made my day big fuckin time!
A GIRL AND A GUN: killa smasha EP!
CYBERPUNKERS: original is dope!
FLORE: love the hanuman tribe remix! raw & tribal as i like! top job!
AEROTRONIC: original rocks!
SAWGOOD: woo!! total support!
AUTODIDAKT: noize generation wtf!!!! hanuman tribe remix is cool too!!! all remixes are nice… damn!!!
OH MY GOD ITS TECHNO MUSIC!: quite interesting sound in there, good work!
UNDERHALL: hanuman tribe rocks!!!
MODEK: big!!
BACKDRAFT: Hanuman Tribe remix for us!
RUN RIOT: Hanuman Tribe mix kills it !!
MIXMAG REVIEW (DAVE CLOUGH): heavy tunes. good stuff! ROCK SOLID. bang.
ALICE AND THE SERIAL NUMBERS: hard and deep, thanks!
MACE (RESET!): lovin hanuman tribe and sexinvaders remixes!
JAY ROBINSON: original is cool!
BEEF THEATRE: nice EP!!! the original is a killer!!!
BEN & LEX: original mix is going to smash it up proper.
DJ LEKO: nice release! digging the disco trash music rmx
BARRCODE: raw to the floor!
T.R.O.: I:Lyke remix is very cool. hanuman tribe did a good job as well.
BIT THIEF: hoover and cowbell is always a winning combination in my book!
F.O.O.L. (FUCK OUR ORDINARY LIVES): happy to finally see the EP being done and it´s huge! full support.
SLAMINA: YAAAAH! super nice EP!

Noize Generation | Disco Trash Music

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