Mixtape Monday #182

Mixtape Monday #182 | Cut Copy
Mixtape Monday #182 | Cut Copy

Oh my gosh, this new Mixtape Monday is filled with stunning music!! Do you know why I’ve choosed Cut Copy as the opening act? I’m a big fan of track number 10 and the last time I heared it is just too far away. Thank you guys for this great great mix. And there are so many more good mixes. I mean just check the mixes from DJ Deeon or DJ Funk, damn! Don’t forget the mixes from Digitalism, Bok Bok, Bodyjack, S-File, Matrixxman, Needs and 99Letters b2b with Djoiyan. I hope you’ll enjoy this, if yes please share!

Show Tracklist
The Durutti Column – Otis
Jamie xx – Gosh
Four Tet – Parallel Jalebi
Round – Lucky Star
Hot Chip – Atomic Bomb (John Talabot Remix)
Taro Tokugawa – Here My Dear
The Hypnotist – Rainbows In the Sky
Jee Day – Sum of Love (Lauer Remix)
The Phenomenal Handclap Band – Tears (Stallions Remix)
The Chemical Brothers – Got Glint!
Archie Bronson Outfit – Chunk (6th Borough Project Remix)
Talking Heads – I Zimbra
Black Fan – Hercules & The Beast
Bobby Boomerang – unreleased
New Jackson – Jam On Summer
Longineu Parsons – The Gathering
Paul White – Where you gonna go?
Cut Copy – Forest Through The Trees Mixtape
Cut Copy – Forest Through The Trees Mixtape
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Show Tracklist
01 JETS Radio Intro
02 JETS “U. N. I.” (featuring Jamie Lidell) (Ultramajic)
03 Jimmy Edgar “Ice” (unreleased)
04 JETS “For You” (Featuring Roses Gabor) (unreleased)
05 Machinedrum “Inside of Me” (unreleased)
06 Jimmy Edgar “Dripwet (2003)” (unreleased)
07 James Farmer “Sanctify” (JETS Production) (unreleased)
08 Jimmy Edgar “Dreams Come True” (unreleased)
09 Machinedrum “Dekalbeat” (Featuring Theophilus London) (unreleased)
10 Jimmy Edgar “Dance Slow” (unreleased)
11 Jimmy Edgar “Pyramid Resonance” (with Rasheeda—”Let It Go” accapella) (unreleased)
12 Machinedrum “Untitledrnb 0114″ (unreleased)
13 Jimmy Edgar “Feel What It Is” (with Ciara— “1 2 Step” accapella (unreleased)
14 Interlude (Featuring Damon Zex)
15 Kevin Hussein “Body” (Machinedrum remix)
16 Jimmy Edgar “HDRT BX” (with Iconz ft. Trick Daddy—“We Thuggin’” accapella) (unreleased)
17 Machinedrum “Flute Thug Beat” (unreleased)
18 JETS “Attune” (featuring Roses Gabor) (unreleased)
19 Machinedrum “Glassed” (with Mike Jones—“Still Tippin’” accapella) (unreleased)
20 Jimmy Edgar “Solar Projection” (with S.W.V.—“Weak” Accapella) (unreleased)
21 JETS “Pyrite Blue” (Ultramajic)
22 Ango “K.I.L.L.Y.O.U.R.B.O.Y.F.R.I.E.N.D.” (produced by Machinedrum) (self -released)
23 Jimmy Edgar “Musica Por Bondage (2004)” (unreleased)
24 Jimmy Edgar “Inner City Colors” (unreleased)
25 Daley “Broken” (Machinedrum Remix) (unreleased)
26 Jimmy Edgar “DKDT” (unreleased)
27 Machinedrum “Turn da Lights Off” (with Three 6 Mafia Ft. Young Buck, 8Ball & Mjg—”Stay Fly” accapella) (unreleased)
28 Jimmy Edgar “Blast Off Bae” (unreleased)
39 Jets “Pink Beat” (vocal version) (Ultramajic)
30 A message from our sponsors
31 Machinedrum “Tarot Beat” (with Young Dro—”Shoulda Lean” Accapella) (unreleased)
32 Jimmy Edgar & L-Vis 1990 “red Two” (with Gucci Mane—“Pillz” Accapella) (unreleased)
33 Daktyl “Stay” (Machinedrum remix) (Mad Decent)
34 Jets “Fuk U Up” (unreleased)
35 Machinedrum & Fracture “Zombie Beat” (unreleased)
36 Body Language “Really Love” (Machinedrum Remix) (B3sci Records)
37 Jimmy Edgar “Bell of tha Ball” (with Fat Joe & Akon—”One” accapella) (unreleased)
38 Jets “#Newkenya” (featuring Jesse Boykins III) (unreleased)
39 Jets “Dangerzone” (unreleased)
40 Machinedrum “Badboy Beat” (with Sunny Valentine feat. Yung Joc—”If U Pay Me” accapella) (unreleased)
41 Jimmy Edgar “Jackson Interception” (\(unreleased)
42 Jets Radio outro
XLR8R 389 – JETS – Sónar 2015 Edition
XLR8R Podcast 389 – JETS – Sónar 2015 Edition
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Show Tracklist
01 BOK BOK – Greenhouse (Day)
02 HINDZY D – untitled
03 HELIX – fbmflip
04 MARIBOR – The Clearing (BBedit)
06 BOK BOK – Da Foxtrot
07 JAM CITY x BOSSMAN – Her Bongo Eyes
08 GIRL UNIT – Roll
10 LOW DEEP – Tell Me
11 HELIX – These Games refix
12 CHARMZY x BIGSHOT – Rha Stomp (Jawside’s edit)
13 K KUTTA – Freeze Tag Booty
14 YOUNGSTAR – Formula 2
15 TWISTA – Overnight Celebrity instrumental (Mordecai’s edit)
16 MR DE – On The Floor instrumental
17 SWIFTEE – Bobble Head Remix
18 BANDO JONES – Sex You instrumental
19 DJ DEAMONDS – Heart Armour
20 NOMIS & MARIBOR – ????? Whipped
21 DO OR DIE – Can You Make It Hot instrumental
22 GUNDAM – 25 Reasons
23 CHAD – Hakuna Matata
24 BOK BOK & SWEYN J – Papaya Lipgloss (Very Sour)
Bok Bok – Quest Mix on BBC Radio 1
Bok Bok – Quest Mix on BBC Radio 1
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Show Tracklist
Cia D’or – For Mike
Bodyjack Secret Weapon #4
Paul Johnson – Soft Spot
DJ Deeon – Happy
Bodyjack – All Werk And No Play
Hotel Lauer – Shank (Overdose Mix)
DJ Haus – If U Want My Love
GOD – Tonite
Bodyjack – Untitled (Raw Idea)
DJ Falcon – Untitled
RSH – Laughing While Intoxicated
Montel – Burnin’
Oli Furness – Decision (Alden Tyrell Remix)
Wordlife feat. DJ Funk – UTFM (Alden Tyrell Remix)
KiNK – Diversion
Bodyjack – BodyTrax 1
+ Bodyjack – BodyTrax 4
Johnny Superglu – The Prince
Sinden – Pussy Medic
Pev & Kowton – Low Strobe
Dubspeeka – Floorshow (Bodyjack’s DEXT VIP)
******* ***** – (Bodyjack Remix / Instrumental)
+ Paul Johnson – Let Me See Your Butterfly
Bodyjack Secret Weapon #5
Mateo & Mattos – Unknown
Bodyjack – BodyTrax 5
Chambray – Untitled (Bodyjack Remix)
Dragon Fly – Visions Of Rage
Liaisons D – Future FJP
Jungle – Busy Earnin’ (Special Request VIP)
Bodyjack – The Throwdown
FACT Mix 499 – Bodyjack (Jun ’15)
FACT Mix 499 – Bodyjack (Jun '15)
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S-File – June 2015 Mix
S–File – June 2015 Mix
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Show Tracklist
Alan Backdrop – Siaka
Sleeparchive – Hospital 02
Vin Sol – Rhythm 124
Jeroen Search – Close
Ascion – 1999
Rebekah – Transient Being (Xhin Remix)
Reeko & Exium – Part I
Korridor – Vacuum Decay (Mike Parker Remix)
Will & Ink – Third Wilson (Emmanuel Remix)
Jackie House – Artificial (Matrixxman V.I.P. Version)
Confucio feat. Stanislav Tolkachev – Where The Logic Ends
Brendon Moeller – The Bridge
Takaaki Itoh – Finder
Matrixxman – Quantum Bandwidth
DJ Slip – Every Time It Takes Awhile
Andre Kronert – Rest Nor Tranquility
In Aeternam Vale – Ultrabase
DJ Deep & Roman Poncet – Hydraulic Jack
Shkedul – ID17
Milton Bradley – Divergence
Yan Cook – X02
J.C. feat. Dario Zenker – Nebula 584
Nicuri – Ridindatneedlz
The Bunker Podcast 97 – Matrixxman
The Bunker Podcast 97 – Matrixxman
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Show Tracklist
1.Needs ‘Avoid’
2.SCNTST ‘Percee Scan’
3.Madame ‘Dark Funk’
4.aUtOdiDakT & Nadisko ‘Defeat’ (Needs Remix)
5.Costello ‘Pegasus’
6.Boys Noize & Housemeister ‘1988’
7.Erol Alkan ‘A Hold On Love’
8.Evil Nine ‘Your Girl’
9.NT89 ‘Purple Garden’
10.Phon.O ‘Schn33’
11.Zombie Nation ‘Fishtank’ (Turbo Turbo Remix)
12.Pilo ‘Forte Inductance’
13.Valy Mo ‘Redemption’ (Needs Remix)
14.Spank Rock ‘Gully’ (Brodinski Remix)
15.Alesia ‘Jezabel’
16.Chromeo ‘Sexy Socialite’ (Chocolate Puma Remix)
17.Maceo Plex ‘Conjure Balearia’
18.Excerpt from John Lennon’s tribute ‘OUR WORLD’ by Nicolas Jaar
Needs – Homework #015
Needs – Homework #015
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RUFFMIX 014 – 99LETTERS b2b Djoiyan
RUFFMIX 014 – 99LETTERS b2b Djoiyan
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