Mixtape Monday #165

Mixtape Monday #165 | Mr Flash
Mixtape Monday #165 | Mr Flash

Honestly, we all want to be cool but we were never be cool like this massive Mr Flash mix, which is made with nineteen kinkie horror porn and electronic soundtracks from the 70’s mixed at The HeartBreak Hotel in Paris. He definitely raised the bar with it but it’s followed by the latest Skream and Ghost Culture mixes – totally different but also brilliant. I’m to lazy to mention all the artists but trust me – scroll down, hit play and enjoy!

Show Tracklist
Cerrone – Strip Tease
Rahul Dev Burman – The Burning Train
Goblin – Snip Snap
Fred Myrow & Malcolm Seagraves – Silver Sphere Disco
Woyueck Karolak – Discopuce
Daniele Patucchi – Speedway
Manu Dibango – Dispute
Ahmad Nawab – Regent Club
Michel Colombier – l’Heritier
Pool Pah – Sour Soul
Nico Fidenco – Kamasutra in Love
Siegfried Schwab – Lion and the Cucumber
Hugo Montenegro – Space Port
Mort Garson – Bamboo City
Fabio Frizzi – Cannibal Ferox
Rob Jenkins – Horrorscope
Tangerine Dream – No Future
Jean Michel Jarre – Les Granges Brulées
Mr Flash – Memories
Mr Flash –  PHANTASM Mix
Mr Flash – PHANTASM Mix
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In Session Skream
In Session: Skream
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Dummy Mix 239 –  Ghost Culture
Dummy Mix 239 – Ghost Culture
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Show Tracklist
Hostage – Red
Hostage – Touchdown
Hostage – Phase3b
Hostage – The Beat
Hostage – Bully
Hostage – Pumpdis
Hostage – Zanzibar
Hostage – Bigshot
Hostage – Bladderwrack
Hostage – Gelb
Hostage – Rotter
Hostage – Leylines
Hostage – Keygen
Hostage – 100 New Productions Mix 2015
Hostage – 100% New Productions Mix 2015
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RINSE FM DJ Haus – 6th January 2015
RINSE FM: DJ Haus – 6th January 2015
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Show Tracklist
Eli Escobar – Eli’s Theme
Erich Lesovsky – Blow You Home (Rene Bourgeois Remix)
Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs & Eats Everything – Lion, The Lion (Gerd’s Sub-Tech Mix)
Th;en – My Mine
David Pher – Footsteps (Original Mix)
Christian Martin – Bell Murray (Original Mix)
19.454. – Ghosts on Tape (Ardalan’s Reboiled mix)
Sepehr – Persepolis
Tigerskin, Till Von Sein – Dance (Original Mix)
Justin Martin, Ardalan – Princess (Original Mix)
Tommy Four Seven – FFFF (Original Mix)
Paul Woolford – Erotic Discourse (Dense & Pika Remix)
Ardalan – The No Yeah (Original Mix)
Miro Pajic -2001 Used to Be the Future (Original Mix)
Royksopp – Sordid Affair (Maceo Plex Mix)
Nest HQ Guest Mix Ardalan
Nest HQ Guest Mix: Ardalan
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Show Tracklist
Adana Twins – Drive (feat. Khan)
ANRO – Swear that i got U
F U S E R – I Want U
Tinush – You & Me
Nick D-Lite – Synths, Not Tragedies
Jean Claude Ades & Rony Seikaly – Into Me
Blonde feat. Melissa Steel – I Loved You (Tube & Berger Remix)
SoKool – Recognize (Ektschn Remix)
Claptone – Ghost (feat. Clap your Hands say Yeah)
Uone & Shades Of Gray – Tame the Grain (Joshua Jesse Remix)
Boris Dlugosch – In Love
Kolombo & Compuphonic – Emotion
Artenvielfalt – The Love Everywhere (Nicolas Hannig Remix)
Tom B. – Masleno
Clyde P. – Blow
Robosonic – Dedicated
Alec Troniq – Welcome to School
Superfunk – Come Back
Anton Ishutin & Denis Agamirov – The Boss (LouLou Players Remix)
??? Coming Soon ???
Rey & Kjavik – My Bro
Eren Erdol – Transparent Beauty
GruuvElements – No Signal (David Keno Remix)
Fapples – Hands together (LouLou Players Remix)
Zack Entwistle – Nice Junk
Whyman & Hagen – Sympathy (Nick D-Lite’s Sympathy for the Devil Remix)
Tiga – Bugatti (Amine Edge & Dance Remix)
Sirus Hood – Magic Stick
Steven Moeller – Change the Way (Nick D-Lite Remix)
Duke Dumont – Slow Dance
Zack Entwistle – Gimme Some More
Kill Frenzy – Gorilla
Rafael Carvalho – Click Clack
David Bucka – Turn my music high (Nick D-Lite Remix) // ()
Sirus Hood – Booty Noize
Ben Weber & Axel Eilers – Smill With (Nick D-Lite Remix)
Sharam Jey, Volac, Blacat – Get Tipsy
Jean Bacarreza – Make me Flip
Shiba San – Okay
Sharam Jey, Chemical Surf, Illusionize – Bass
Claude vonStroke – Eye I Eye
Raumakustik – Raider
Ardalan – The No Yeah
Justin Martin & Eats Everything – Steven Jello
Nick D-Lite – Aurora // Coming Soon
Fancy Sound Module – Crack
Jason Philips –Time (Nick D-Lite Remix)
Justin Martin – Don’t Go (VIP Edit)
Seinabe Sei – Younger (Kygo Remix)
Wasabi & Sugar Hill – It’s on You (Purple Disco Machine Remix)
Cram – Golden Moment
Raumakustik – Raider
Farley Jackmaster Funk & Ricky Dillard – As Always
Nick D-Lite – Music Is My Sanctuary PT2
Nick D–Lite – Music Is My Sanctuary PT.2
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SlamRadio – 119 – Matrixxman
SlamRadio – 119 – Matrixxman
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Show Tracklist
James Blake – 200 Press
Tillaux – Ifseal
Gerry Read – 3,2,1
Mike Dehnert – Orage de Chaleur
Skee Mask – Cylo
Ansome – Tin (Clouds Remix)
Ghostek – 2.5 Miles Abyss
Jonas Kopp – Red Plented
Spektre – Minds Eye (Drumcell & Audio Injection Remix)
Gingy & Bordello – Tremors
Bjoern Torwellen – The Las Of Us (Luis Flores Remix)
Luigi Madonna – Unconditional Beauty
Leghau – Abort
Chambray – Untitled (Len Faki Untitled Mix)
Roman Poncet – Lord
KMRT – Relieve
Maxime Dangles – Xeel
Operator – Finding The Way
Alex Tomb – 2000 Reasons To Remember (Aerts Remix)
Ejeca – Prototype
Spencer Parker – Spacial (Answer Code Request Remix)
Lone – Restless City (Head High Remix)
Caribou – Your Love Will Set You Free (C2´s Set U Free Remix)
Jonas Kopp – Seven
joeFarr – Jetworks
Electric Rescue – Quarries
Fjaak – Attack
Electric Rescue – Nania
Mark Broom & Gary Beck – Borders
Maxime Dangles – Amsterhodes
Andre Walter & Chris Hope – Lifted (Krenzlin & Diego Hostettler Remix)
Redshape – Leaves (Stripped 2 Clip)
Kyodai – Konbanwa
Aka Tell´s Hangover Sessions #41
Aka Tell's Hangover Sessions #41
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Zooash – MMXV
Zooash – MMXV
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Show Tracklist
1. Soundstream – Julie’s Theme
2. Crystal Bandito – Feel So Free
3. Bobmo – I Want You (Matthias Zimmermann Remix)
4. Mikron – Medika Combine
5. Crystal Bandito – Work It
6. Maelstrom – Snow Dance
7. Madame – Gigabytes (BS1 Remix)
8. Ben Jenkins – K3M
9. Tesla286 – Magnetic Fields (Hoshina Anniversary Remix)
Knoxville – January Mix
Knoxville – January Mix
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