Mähtrasher – Wurst Case Scenario [V.A.]


Maehtrasher is celebrating his 50th installment of dark contemporary and edgy underground club music with a monster of a label compilation! 19 exclusive tracks and 38 best-of tracks from the label catalogue for a bargain!

We thought it would be a cool thing for everyone involved to make a package beyond your usual 15 best selling tracks of the backcatalogue and wanted to showcase as much as possible of the talented artists and banging tracks we had in the past and at the same time showing you where we are going in the future and bringing you fresh new tracks and acts. Please support the artists involved by buying the album, we promise good karma will be your reward!

Wurst Case Scenario
Mähtrasher – Wurst Case Scenario [V.A.]

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So it’s time to say Happy Birthday to Mähtrasher and the boss himself aUtOdiDakT. The “Wurst Case Scenario” comes with so many good artists and tracks, it’s hard to choose some favourites. The best-of part (see the tracklist below) is filled with names like Proxy, Modek, The Sneekers, Ado, I Need?, Gtronic, The Loops Of Fury, The Oddword, Bobble, Shameboy and so many others. Like aUtOdiDakT – Shit your rack (Proxy Remix) which is one of my all time favourite tracks ever! Or another example is
aUtOdiDakT feat. RQM – 15 seconds (Gtronic Remix)

Since 2010 Maehtrasher is a home for heavy bass rave, dark techno and pouding electro and as we see it a good label compilation should be like a family gathering after not seeing each other a few years: everyone brings their latest fancy dress (in form of an exclusive track) to show off and everyone is laughing about their past adventures together when they are drunk. Everyone is there, the fat cousin, the dandy uncle, the loud grandpa and even the funny hippie guy who seems to be some aunts boyfriend.
So after 4 years you find a lot of artists on here that either grew together with the label or changed their style, renamed, left, have different projects in the meantime or just sticked to their music or the label. They are all very important parts of our history and we are proud on every single one of them!

You can listen to 17 exclusives from acts like Nadisko, Les Tronchiennes, Ostblockschlampen, Fellow Chive, Hanuman Tribe, Aerotronic and a whole bunch of massive rave tracks! Be sure to support the label, the artists and get a copy or pick your favourite songs. The compilation is available through all good stores for example Amazon, Beatport or Junodownload.

Show Tracklist
1. The Oddword – Bust em (exclusive)
2. aUtOdiDakT – Back up (exclusive)
3. Fedeckx – Gang vs. gang
4. Les Tronchiennes – Chasing cops (exclusive)
5. Nadisko – Life & lights (exclusive)
6. Dj Antention – Shakal (exclusive)
7. Kroyclub – Rabies (exclusive)
8. Jean e La Plastique – Father and son (exclusive)
9. Ostblockschlampen – Luvstuff (exclusive)
10. Rob de Large – Jacques Nh2 (Fellow Chive Remix) (exclusive)
11. Aerotronic – Reactivate (exclusive)
12. Hanuman Tribe – There was an error (exclusive)
13. GSUS! – Visionaire (exclusive)
14. Linoleum – I love pole emploi (exclusive)
15. Jericho AD – Future (exclusive)
16. Doc Trashz – FAT (exclusive)
17. Beef Theatre – Electro (exclusive)
18. Haezer – It’s not our fault mash-up (exclusive)
19. Dj Antention & LED Djs – Watch this (exclusive)
20. Beat & Bang – Hunger (Ado Remix)
21. aUtOdiDakT & Electro Ferris – Chainsaw
22. Rotze – Fuck it
23. The Oddword – Fire
24. Jericho A.D. – Jericho (Nadisko Remix)
25. Kroyclub – F***ing Posers (D-R-U-N-K Remix)
26. Roby Howler – Absolute (Les Tronchiennes Remix)
27. GSUS! – Metro (I need? Remix)
28. Monsters of Rave – Goddamn (The Loops of Fury Remix)
29. aUtOdiDakT – Boredom (You killing me Remix)
30. Aerotronic – Sex & Cigarettes (Hostage Remix)
31. The Mastertrons – Megatron (Modek Remix)
32. X-Ettl – Flatline
33. Volcazoid – Korrovin (The Sneekers Remix)
34. aUtOdiDakT & Nadisko – Victory (Your ol lady Remix)
35. Jean E La Plastique – Dumbadaba
36. Rotze – Schnaps (The Oddword Remix)
37. Monophonique – Zebra
38. Pola-Riot – What what (Valerna Remix)
39. aUtOdiDakT – 15 seconds (Gtronic Remix)
40. Noize Generation – Get the fuck up (Haezer Remix)
41. The S – Takedown
42. Blood Eagle – Transvestite Fistfight
43. Kroyclub & Your ol Lady – The high Priest
44. Trumpdisco & aUtOdiDakT – Can’t touch me now
45. Attack 1985 & Nightbreaker – Comanche (Volatile Remix)
46. aUtOdiDakT – Slasher Army (Hantise Remix)
47. Dead CAT Bouce & You killing me – Justice!
48. Beef Theatre – Optimus Prime
49. Les Tronchiennes – Surge (Bobble Remix)
50. Rotze – Socke
51. Distrakt – Deep Throat (Shameboy Remix)
52. Beat & Bang – It’s going down (Paul Tesla Remix)
53. aUtOdiDakT – Nitro
54. Kroyclub – Burned out cynder
55. aUtOdiDakT – Shit your rack (Proxy Remix)
56. Dj Antention – Go
57. Monsters of Rave – STFU


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