Hrdvsion – Right And Tight EP

Lean back and enjoy this massive, yeah I use this word massive too much but believe “Right And Tight” is massivly 100%. That’s pure techno at it’s best by Hrdvision, formerly known as Nathan Jonson, born November 1980, is a Canadian composer specializing in electronic music. A theme of antitrust has inspired a constant doubt in his art, always questioning how things should be done, and testing the limits of the applied instruments. While maintaining the same process, results are consistently diverse.

Eventually feeling the experimental wall of extremity, Hrdvsion tightened his approach, directing it towards an external influence, with intentions to summon the utmost salacious hunger.

Summary: Hrdvsion likes making weird dance music.

So what can you expect? The title track will squeeze your brain. All other tracks are, and that’s simply the amaount because it’s too dope, more quiet. Like the Rampa remix. But there are two additional tracks for digital download only. “No Need for That” is a feisty, stomping creature with French lineage, and “Spezi Friend” is a somber but intense ten-minute number, the perfect soundtrack to your next funeral rave.

Release date will be the 26th March on International Deejay Gigolo Records! And be sure to check this phenomal track and video below. Enjoy!


1. Hrdvsion – Right and Tight (Original Mix)
2. Hrdvsion – Right and Tight (Rampa Remix)
3. Hrdvsion – Spezi Friend [Digital Only] 4. Hrdvsion – No Need For That [Digital Only]

More Info’s:
Hrdvsion on Facebook | Soundcloud | Twitter

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