Riton – Trap House


Henry Smithson aka Riton presents his newest track called “Trap House” – a catchy while sexy rework of Jeremih‘s “Fuck you all the time“. “Can’t Stop The Clock” is the name of his upcoming album or mix tape, whatever it’s gonna be called, the first track is huge and make me curious to listen to more of his new songs.

Riton – Trap House
Riton – Trap House

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Anyone who’s been listening to a lot of these Hip-Hop/Urban mix-tapes over the past few years will have noticed that, more often than not, they are better than the actual artist LPs. When you start a project that you know you can’t sell you are empowered by musical freedom. It becomes a non-commercial work of love, because you have nobody to satisfy other than yourself. I essentially wanted to make a bunch of songs I would play out in the clubs and got to pick the vocals I loved or just thought I could have some fun with.” – Riton.

Show Tracklist
Sida A
1. Riton feat. Jeremih – Trap House (‘Fuck you all the time’)
2. Riton feat musical youth – This Generation (‘Pass The Dutchie’)
3. Riton feat. Rita Orr & Le Dust Sucker – Suckers – (‘How We Do’ & ‘Mandate My Ass’)
4. Riton feat. M.I.A. – Henry’s People (‘People’ from her new Album)
5. Riton feat. Aaliyah – That Somebody (‘Are You That Somebody’)
6. Riton feat. Cassie – Must be love (‘Must Be Love’)

Side B
1. Riton feat. Kid Ink – Drippin Gold (‘Drippin’)
2. Riton feat. Waka Floka ‘Brain’ (‘Freaky Gurl’)
3. Riton feat. Audion – Mega Kisses (‘Kisses’)
4. Riton feat. Sage The Gemini – Gas Pedal (‘Gas Pedal’)
5. Riton feat. Imogen Heap – Hide & Seek (‘Hide & Seek’)

I’ve been listening to the song for the last hours so grab “Trap House” for free and stay tuned for more – which, of course you’ll get here. Enjoy.

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Riton on FacebookRiton on SoundcloudRiton on Beatport
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