Roby Howler – Do It EP

Roby Howler
Roby Howler

This is Roby Howler‘s outstanding new EP released on the famous Canadian label Teenage Riot Records. Massive remix support comes from Udachi, Shameboy, Polymath and Tony Senghore who all did an amazing job and leave one’s mark on the original. Big big package with some of my favourite tunes at the moment, if you want to read more about the tracks, who else could better describe them as one of the label owners – Bird Peterson:

It’s a new year, and it’s time for us to turn it up ten more notches. Teenage Riot Records is furiously dancing off to the sounds of Roby Howler’s “Do It” EP! Our boy from across the Atlantic bring some major heat in the form of “Do It”, the title track that knocks around a favorite RnB classic with drums that are as relentless as they are unique. Add some lush house pads, and deep bass, and you got the whole package! BUT WAIT! THERE’S MORE! Udachi takes the controls now with the dirtiest, filthiest baselines possible. Then here comes ol’ Shameboy and his driving, pulsating full-blooded techno response. And there’s Polymath, bringing some major fire with what only could be described as Afrika Bambaataa swimming with The Lawnmower Man. And finally, Tony Senghore rounds out the EP with more drops, chops, and jitters than, well, maybe I should stop before someone gets hurt. BUY THIS WITH YOUR MONEY!

The EP is available here on Beatport or iTunes

Show Tracklist
1. Roby Howler – Do It
2. Roby Howler – Do It (Udachi Remix)
3. Roby Howler – Do It (Shameboy Remix)
4. Roby Howler – Do It (Polymath Remix)
5. Roby Howler – Do It (Tony Senghore Remix)
Roby Howler – Do It EP
Roby Howler – Do It EP

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