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Finally the first exclusive mix for 2012 arrived together with an interesting interview by one of my favourite german DJ’s called Nick D-Lite. If you follow me over the last months, you know his promo mixtapes and so he made his first mix in 2012 exclusive for you! I don’t want to spent too many words about him cause you’ll get all the necessary informations if you get into the interview! That’s why you should take some time, press play, read and enjoy it!

? ? Nick D-Lite Exclusive Mix February 2012


Show Tracklist
1. Sinden – If i
2. Matias Aguayo – Dance Machine
3. New Order – Blue Monday
4. Blake Baxter – Our Love
5. Da Mongoloids – Spark da Meth
6. Malente & Treasure Fingers – Crusaders
7. Dj Sneak – How i feel
8. Gonzales – Never Stop (Erol Alkan Rework)
9. Jürgen Paape – Take this
10. Willy Joy – Superhuman
11. Filthy Dukes – Beat the Break
12. Eats Everything – Entrance Song
13. Munchi – Hope (Nick D-Lite Edit)
14. Daphni – Yes i know
15. Ymvee – Wizard
16. The Knight Cats – Catwoman
17. Kölsch – Opa
18. Frederic De Carvalho – Higher State of Grace (Play Paul Version)
19. Click Click & MoFerri & Kasette Boys – Ah!Yeah!Oh!Yeah! (Oliver $ Remix)
20. Stupid Fresh – Do the Dog
21. Tocadisco – Bat3ria (Botnek Remix)
22. Secret Track – Lies (His Majesty André Remix)
23. Botnek – Secret Title
24. Sean Godsall – Four on the Floor
25. Bart B More & Tai – Nobody canna cross it (Di Bus can swim)

Hey Nick, how are you? First I have to say thanks for taking your time to answer my questions! We know each other, but please be kind and give my readers a short introduction.

Hello and thanks for having me. My name is Nick D-Lite, and i’m a DJ since 15years. And it’s still a passion. I love to entertain and really love to show and share my favorite tracks with the audiences. That’s why i’m making music. That’s why i’m alive. 🙂

Let’s start with this – How does a typical day looks like in the live of Nick D-Lite?

Hmm,… okay. First you have to know that i am a full time DJ. That means, there is nothing more than music… no regular job or income. 🙂 …Monday till Friday i work from my office at home. Work means that i spend 24hours a day with searching and exploring new music and artists, to keep my social media updated, drink coffee, smoke cigarettes and so on. But there is still another thing,…i also make a bit of graphic design for friends and their clubs and this is what also robs time and keeps me away from having too much sleep.
And also my girlfriend, my dog and my cat want my attention. 🙂

As far as I can remember, my first touch with electronic music was the first Daft Punk album “Homework”, which my sister gave to me. Can you remember your first touch with electronic music or your first own record?

Ha… that’s a very long time ago. Let me think about that… i think my cousin was the first that showed me tracks from artists like U96, which was called “techno” at this moment. On the other hand, my sister showed me stuff from Depeche Mode earlier, and i began to love that sound.
My first own purchased vinyl was from Hysteric Ego – Want Love. Not really cool – but i can still remember the hookline.

As a part of Breakfastklub you always have to share the success with your congenial partner Janosh, which is not a bad thing but is this the reason you’ve decide to push your solo project?

I have started as a solo artist long time ago. Because of the amazing success with our Breakfastklub project my solo gigs have become very rare, and it is still a dream to have the same success with my solo project. Therefore I’m going to produce my own tracks in the next time, and trying to find the time and the chance to play more solo gigs – beside the breakfastklub one’s!

I know that you and Janosh were in the studio with Malente. What can we expect for 2012? Any new releases or projects?

Yes…another dream came true. We and our hero Malente were in the studio – and we produced two different and very cool tracks. At this moment we don’t know, if we are going to release this tracks as a collab or on our own, as Breakfastklub. But what we know is that the time with Malente was so exiting and the tracks we have produced are massive!!!
We still haven’t a release date yet, but i think we are dropping this EP early this summer.

I know it’s early in 2012 but could you count some personal highlights for the upcoming festival season? Is there anything you can’t wait for it?

I love the festival season… this year is going to be out of control. 🙂 There are so many things i’m exited about.
A highlight this year is our own festival Liquid Sunday on april, 8th. This year we have an incredible line up with artists like: Erol Alkan (one of my all-time heroes) and Zombie Nation. This is going to be massive!!!
Then we will play 2 gigs at the Sputnik Spring Break Festival this year. The first gig together with Malente at the huge main circus, the second without him on another day in our own Dusted Decks tent.
At SonneMondSterne Festival we will also destroying the main circus. It gives me goosebumps all over – only when i’m thinking at this incredible crowd and the last 2 times we have played there. Besides that i’m looking forward to party hard with Skrillex! 🙂

If you could meet yourself in 20 years, which stories should tell the old Nick to yourself? I know, it’s a mindfu*king question! 😉

Oh…thats definitely hard to say. Hmm… i hope he’s telling me that everyone’s alright, that the future is nothing to scare about, and that nuclear energy will no longer be present… 🙂

What is your personal top 5 ever? And which are already the 5 most played tracks by your own?

Most popular Top 5? Oh no… this is quite difficult.

(i’m loving it since the release in ’97)
(a fuckin’ classical tune)
(this unbelievable loop is driving me crazy, every time i play it)
(i love the vocals and this basslines)
(Truly a burner!)

And my top 5 played tracks.

Don’t get it wrong but did you get a special discount for buying your air horns? 😉

Haha… no, there is no special discount for the air horns. We still pay the same price. But I have to say one thing: The manufacturer decided to shrink the air horns…and this is pretty shitty. We tested both, the old and the new ones. And definitely – the old ones are much louder than the new small ones. That’s pretty bad. :-/ So we are searching for something to fix that – another toy or special thing, don’t know what. Lets see. 🙂

Last questions, thanks for your patience ;), who was your ideal in the past and which artist should give you a studiosession to cool something special and why?

As I have already written, one of my heroes – Erol Alkan is THE MAN! His reworks for Metronomy, Conan Mockasin and Chili Gonzales have inspired me so much and let me dream or dance or whatever…! Truly brilliant.
Mr.Oizo is also a very cool guy and I’m loving his sounds. Or Proxy, with his massive drums and synths…
Really, there are too many artists that i like and want to work with, to learn from there knowledge and to steal some skills by watch them working!

Lovely interview and a timeless mix! Believe me, this guy knows to get you on the dancefloor! He loves his job and lives the music! If you want to see him live – check his fanpage for dates and news!

More Info’s:
Nick D-Lite on Facebook | Soundcloud | Twitter

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