Dr. Gonzo – The Gonzo Anthem EP

Should I’ve to introduce you Dr. Gonzo? Noooooo come on you know them! After their first “Bust ‘Em Up” EP on Southern Fried Records they drop the next EP called “The Gonzo Anthem” EP! It’s for sure a monster package! You get three tracks – “The Gonzo Anthem”, “Dushi” and “Carcola” which was made together with more italian power from His Majesty Andre and Lazy Ants.

The Gonzo Anthem EP is another three track excursion to planet Gonzo where Italian duo Crookers seem to be spending most of their time these days. Dr.Gonzo’s Anthem is a melodic wonderment, that sounds like the soundtrack to an unreleased 80’s sci fi flick, just when your thinking what a lovely tune, it turns psychotic! Dushi is a deeper, more psychedelic number that sends you off on a trip through the galaxy passing through Mars and Uranus en route.

And last but certainly not least is Carcola, a three way Italian job that see Crookers team up with His Majesty Andre and Lazy Ants. This futuristic dancehall-rave smash has an under-riding sub that rolls until the cows come home.

? Crookers Pres. Dr Gonzo: The Gonzo Anthem EP

Carcola is a monster! My favourite track on the EP! So go and grab your fav on Beatport, iTunes or Junodownload!

More Info’s:
Crookers on Facebook | Crookers.net | Lazy Ants | His Majesty Andre | Southern Fried Records

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