F.O.O.L – Invasion EP

Fuck Our Ordinary Lives! The guys from Sweden release their next EP on OMGITM Records called “Invasion”! And it’s an amzing electro package with remixes from The S, Ikki, Figure, Trumpdisco, Dumme Jungs and Neus! Especially this massive Dumme Jungs remix blows me away! The EP should drop in a while. Until that enjoy the following EP preview and this mind-blowing Dumme Jungs Remix! Enjoy!

? F.O.O.L – Invasion EP Teaser


1. Invasion (Original Mix)
2. Invasion (The S Remix)
3. Invasion (IKKI Remix)
4. Invasion (Figure Remix)
5. Invasion (Trumpdisco Remix)
6. Invasion (Dumme Jungs Remix)
7. Invasion (Neus Remix)

? F.O.O.L – Invasion (Dumme Jungs Remix)

Check F.O.O.L.’s Soundcloud for more free stuff!

? Mr. Oizo – Pourriture 7 (F.O.O.L Remix)

More Info’s:
F.O.O.L | Dumme Jungs

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