Five Tracks – 35

A new week and sure another Five Tracks post. And sure I try to give you a cool mix and I guess I did it again. This time with some dark and powerful techno delivered by Australian Crumps, cause this remix for Rob de Large is totally on fire. Btw, you can catch him here in Germany this weekend together with Etnik and SCNTST. Next great bootleg comes from French The Deficient who build this great electro-house remix for another French newcomer called Michael Canitrot. Berlin based Dumme Jungs celebrate their huge amount of FB likes and give this hard and massive reinterpretation of Gotye’s “Sombody That I Used To Know”. Both last tracks are not that new, if you follow Brodinksi or Harvard Bass you might get this tune but I feel the need to share both tracks with you. Brodi never get wrong and Harvard delivered “yet another Levels remix” but it’s the best out there. Enjoy!

Rob de Large - Anger (Crumps Remix)

Michael Canitrot - Blue Collision (The Deficient Bootleg)

Gotye - Sombody That I Used To Know (Dumme Jungs Remix)

Beni - Last Night (Brodinski Remix)

Avicii - Levels (Harvard Bass Bootleg)

More Info’s:
The Deficient | Crumps | Dumme Jungs | Brodinski | Harvard Bass

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