Dr. Gonzo – Bust ‘Em Up EP

Bust ‘Em Up, Bust ‘Em Up, Bust Bust Bust ‘Em Up! Finally it’s out! Crookers presents Dr. Gonzo “Bust ‘Em Up EP”! It is a three track EP with “Bust ‘Em Up”, “Springer” and “Get The F**k Out My House” released on Southern Fried Records. First and last track was played by Crookers last year at ILT, since there I was addicted (read here my first post)! Together with Savage Skulls, Wax Motif and Neoteric they build an amazing EP which could certainly one of the summer track 2011! Check the preview and buy it!!


1. Bust ‘Em Up (with Savage Skulls)
2. Get The F**k Out My House
3. Springer (with Wax Motif & Neoteric)

Buy it here on BEATPORT!

More info’s:
Crookers | Savage Skulls | Wax Motif | Neoteric

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