DJ Antention – Go [Mähtrasher/Traktor Records] + Classic Bonustrack

Ahh yes, he’s russian and yes, he seems to be influenced by The Proxy …but: this is damn EPIC and doesn’t have to hide from noone!!!!
DJ Antention delivers an absolute stomper with „Go“ and after 2 brilliant releases on Crux Records this heavy-hitter is without a doubt his best work yet and will set any dancefloor on fire as well as taking charts and playlists by storm. Mark these words…This guy is about to blow up big time and his debut on Mähtrasher will just be the beginning…
Of course this release is even upgraded with some of the hottest new acts contributing their versions of the original by covering a wide variety of Electro-House and Indie-Dance!

DJ Antention – Go 320!
Go (Original)

On remix duries Bigger & Bolder who consist of Da Carrot and the Idiot Boyz deliver a remix that is nothing less than smashing floors to pieces with their fidget 2.0 attitude and a bassline guaranteed to make your stomach go outch!

Belgiums Aerotronic fresh from their successfull Sex & Cigarettes release underline their recently gained shooting-star status with an absolutely fantastic remix that takes the original on a slightly deeper tip and will not fail to drop jaws once again!

German Super Super get a completely different twist to the track and made a almost tropical, housey, and minimal but still insanely banging rework that sounds like Sound Pellegrino just discovered that rocking and minimal can work at the same time.

Next up is The Mastertrons who will release their debut-EP on Mähtrasher in a few weeks!
These extremely young italian guys already developped a unique style in their young age and will take your breath away with their blasting, bassheavy Electro-House sound.

Dj Antention – Go (The Mastertrons Remix) 320!
Go (The Mastertrons Remix)

Frag Maddin who is better known by his collaboration with Dirty Disco Youth Chokr added a almost oriental-feeling to the track and made a huuuge Remix that twists while it progresses and does really unpredictably turns in unforseeable directions but still works great in the club…you’ll only have to listen to his remix for a few seconds to know: „this guy’s a pro and this is big!“

Ikki from Spain got a very distinct sound of his own too and after his recent success in the beatport charts with his single „Mutandine“ on Kiez Beats he turns his magic on Go and made a banging version that will satisfy all fans of The Bloody Beetroots and other acts who also blend orchestral influences with sheer brutality.

Plus you get another original by DJ Antention: „We are Brooklyn“ also a huge floorbomb and as you can say by the title already…this russian got the steeds and indeed is here to stay!!!

After the briliant a start for Traktor Records new sublabel Mähtrasher with Aerotronics „Sex & Cigarettes“ this package again truly delivers!! The next releases are already lined-up with even more goodness folks! So buckle up, this is full-throttle business J

Already heavy support by acts like: Cyberpunkers, Edu K, Distrakt, Gtronic, Hostage, Larry Tee, Markus Lange or Zero Cash!


1. Go (Original)
2. Go (Bigger & Bolder Remix)
3. Go (Aerotronic Remix)
4. Go (Super Super Remix)
5. Go (The Mastertrons Remix)
6. Go (Frag Maddin Remix)
7. Go (IKKI Remix)
8. We are Brooklyn (Original)

Get it here on BEATPORT!

Bonus Track:

Old but Gold! Hot!

Sharooz – Get Off (Original Mix)
Get Off (Original Mix)

DJ Antention, The Mastertrons, Traktor-Records, Sharooz

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