Mao – Harken [Video] + Maribou State – Olivia (MAO Remix)

Next talented artist for Bad Life is Mao. “Harken/Emeralds” is the stunning debut EP which was first played by Jaymo & Andy George on BBC Radio 1. “Harken” is an amazing tracks. Heared it about 20 times the last hours and I’m still speachless. Just listen.

Mao was abandoned as a baby on the doorstep of an orphanage. There he lives under the guardianship of a wicked alcoholic matron, who although a bit of gilf, subjects her foundlings to endless beatings and manual labour. Mao’s only solace is found at night, when he hides under his bunk, cracks open his laptop and starts to craft some of the most astonishing, forward thinking electronic music that we’ve ever heard. The occasional carrier pidgeon will land on the window outside the Bad Life office, clasping a USB stick filled with dreams of a better life. If this EP doesn’t make your jaw drop, then do you even have ears? Honestly, check whats on the side of your head – it’s possible they may have been pilfered.


Mumbai Science: this is simply amazing… was blown away when I first heard it.
Rob da Bank: Love it!
Alex Metric: Love this alot. Fresh & atmospheric.
Attaque: I’m lost for words.
NT89: Wow fantastic stuff.
TWR72: Another awesome signing!

Be sure to grab the free download of his “Maribou State – Olivia” remix. Athmospheric, technoid with those perfect drums and catchy vocals. Love!

Maribou State - Olivia (MAO Remix)

More Info’s:
Mao on Facebook | Soundcloud | Twitter |

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