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Bart B More
Bart B More

Netherlands finest and one of my top 10 favourite artists – not only for his music, but rather for having his heart and mind in the right place – just released his debut album called “SAT NAM”, which will get my full support. There are just a handful of DJs/Producers which I follow at this intensity, some from time to time more than others but only this favourite dudes get my full attention when they show some new snippets.

So “SAT NAM” truly is something personally, 14 tracks which show Bart’s journey of defining himself over the past years. And all this for free. Why and other reason for this LP can be read below. A personal statement from Bart:

It’s finally here. Today I’ve released my first ever album (!!!) It’s been quite a ride for me to get to this point, and to be honest there were many times where I thought I would never get here. I’ve been lucky enough to enjoy a great career in dance music so far, something I’d always wanted as a kid. I’m doing what I love most and get to make a living out of it in the process—an absolute blessing that I’m so thankful for.

Back in 2010 til around 2012 there was a point where I had reached a lot of momentum; my music was getting quite some attention, and I was playing at almost every big festival, traveling to every corner of the world to do so. I was, as they say, ‘on top of the world’. And then a lot of things started to change. As music is ever developing (which in my perspective, has always been a great thing), the music around me started to go in a direction where I grew to resent it. When I first landed on the scene in Holland, there was this huge boost in the amount of parties and club shows. I myself played 6 or more parties every weekend, and while at first this was a great opportunity, I began to notice it all becoming a sort of ego race. Every DJ wanted to out-do the DJ playing before or after him or her; and so they would usually play the sure-shots, too afraid to wander off and take risks for fear of losing the crowd. In the years to come I saw the same thing happening on a global scale, and it’s one of the reasons why the term ‘EDM’ is so ridiculed these days. Every set needed to be bigger and crazier than the last, to the point of ridiculousness. [continue]

This is just an excerpt, so please read the rest of it on his release page here, because it’s also the place where you can support him with a little gift if you want. Spread the love and support the true artists out there! Let’s give a virtual high-five for this and shout out to Bart – thank you and hopefully the journey won’t find an end!

Show Tracklist
1. Intro(vert)
2. Click Bait
3. Fusion (Album Version)
4. Lucid
5. Elevator
6. Blue Automation
7. Thunder In The Disco (Album Version)
8. Pulse (Album Version)
9. So High (Album Version)
10. Now
11. Fractals (Album Version)
12. Share Your Love
13. Visons (Interlude)
14. Last Call
Bart B More – SAT NAM
Bart B More – SAT NAM
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Bart B More - SAT NAM

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More Info’s:

Bart B More on Facebook Bart B More on Soundcloud Bart B More on Twitter Bart B More on Beatport

9 1. Intro(vert)

8 2. Click Bait

9 3. Fusion (Album Version)

8 4. Lucid

8 5. Elevator

6 6. Blue Automation

7 7. Thunder In The Disco (Album Version)

9 8. Pulse (Album Version)

8 9. So High (Album Version)

9 10. Now

9 11. Fractals (Album Version)

10 12. Share Your Love

8 13. Visons (Interlude)

9 14. Last Call

SAT NAM - a debut album which comes with 14 songs, a story of finding one's self and lots of great moments.

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