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Marriage Proposal
Marriage Proposal

Let me present to you Marriage Proposal, the latest member of the Boysnoize Records crew, who recently released his EP on BNR TRAX and also made a track for the annually compilation Miami Noize. I’m proud to present this rough gem to you…

Hi Mantas, I’m glad and excited at once to welcome you! For me and I guess most of my readers you’re a blank slate, so please give us an introduction about the person behind Marriage Proposal.

“First of all – hey! Nice to meet you too! I guess you’re right, more or less, so I’m mantas stonkus, born and raised in Lithuania, Gargzdai City, now I’m living in Vilnius (capital of Lithuania). I think people know that your blog is for musicians, so I make electronic music under Marriage Proposal alias, mostly danceable, but like all of us we have some cliché’s. And i believe in me.”

2. Does the name have any kind of special meaning?

“At that time I decided to take a chance on Marriage Proposal name randomly, it looks great and it has some irony. But when I looked deeper, I thought, why not proposing to people through music? This is my way of engangement.”

A look into the world wide web let us know, that you’ve already released some EP’s and even got some tracks on an official soundtrack for the Lithuania movie “We Will Riot” – tell us something about the past and the way you were going until now…

BA. – Sugebėt Pasikeist (Marriage Proposal’s Hybrid Remix)
BA. – Sugebėt Pasikeist (Marriage Proposal's Hybrid Remix)

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“The past was a bit strange. At the beginning I was doing, as people like to call it, “witch house”, but step by step somehow I turned into what I’m now. I think the 4×4 side in me will always win, no matter what other styles I want to explore or will explore in the future. I wonder what would have happened if I continued to work on witchy stuff, maybe we wouldnt be talking now.”
And now you’ve your first release on BNR TRAX called “Fantastic Coco Diamonds In Alba“. For me a strange title with four really club-orientated tracks. Straightforward but cheerful at the same time, rough and influenced in Chicago House music. Am I right? Feel free to correct me.

“Haha, yes, a bit strange, but fantasy is an integral part of reality. You’re right, chicago house has a lot to do with it, but I think the whole house/techno music is responsable, not only chicago house ;] I just take what is already done and fuck it up in my own way…”

Next up will be the opening track on BNR’s “Miami Noize Vol. 5” called “Urhouse“, which was also played by Boys Noize b2b Jackson, truly a special honor but how it comes to work with BNR and tell us some top-secrets about upcoming EPs…

“Working with BNR is ace, they are doing their job well, great guys, feels like home to me ;] Sorry Lorenz, I have no secrets here, just working on a lot of new material! ;]”

On one’s own account, I’m a big fan of “Strobe Light” – really, for me it’s one of my favourites this year so far. Even Shinichi Osawa used it for his recent Womb Mix, in case you didn’t know this! It’s a free download but did you mind to release it?

“(blushed) ;] Thanks for the info! I didn’t know about Strobe Light in Osawa’s Womb Mix, you do your job well on google ;] To say the truth, most of the time I’m sceptical about free track downloads, but with Strobe Light I did an exception, I think because of Faithless vocals in it, it would be difficult to licence and release it as a single. Back to free downloads, yes, it helps to get a certain recognition, to find your music, but also it leads to boredom for me of the artist, I mean I like the idea when producers have their own secret weapons or some unreleased material to play, it keeps sets interesting and you can stand out from the mass.”

Marriage Proposal – Strobe Light
Marriage Proposal – Strobe Light

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Are there any dates to mention in case anyone would love to see you live?

“No gigs coming up yet, but I believe in karma…”

Last but not least, a simple chart about your recent favourites would be nice and thank you for taking your time!

“My 5 favs at the moment”

  • Fantastic Mr. Fox ft. Denai Moore – On My Own
  • Apparat – Goodbye (Instrumental)
  • Stevie Wonder – Another Star
  • Paul Mauriat – Alouette
  • Midnight Star – Midas Touch (Hell Interface Remix)
  • Osborne – Osborne

…So stay tuned for more news and upcoming music by Mantas aka Marriage Proposal. Be sure to follow him at any of your favourite channels below.

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