Kidz Just Want To Dance, Vol.1

Faith in humanity – restored with a really lovely project by Gold Nite Records. Since they are releasing some amazing EP’s together with talented artists they use there fast-growing publicity, to use the music as a tool to collect money to change the live of children at the hospital. Which is, needless to say a big big thing we all should support. Even you don’t like any of this tracks, just spend that really small amount of between 4,99€ and 5,99€. The whole thing is supported by Bot, Astronomar, Donovans, Stereheroes, Gigi Barocco, Keith & Supabeatz, Rvbra, Vakkuum, Ego Troopers, Attaque, Blatta & Inesha, Modek, Costello, Fat and Ugly, Wordlife, Anubi and many more.

Gold Nite Records (label owned by The Rox and Ricktronik) is launching the initiative #goldnite4kidz, a compilation consisting of 24 tracks (+ a bonus track) entitled “Kidz Just Want To Dance Vol 1”. Proceeds from the sales will be donated to the Foundation Anna Meyer Children’s Hospital that deals with, among other initiatives, to improve the quality of children staying at the hospital. More than 100 international artists who collaborated actively involved in the charity composing original tracks or supporting the project making a short video in which they recite the motto: “We want the kids to come back dancing.”

Show Tracklist
1. Eddie Gun – Hong Kong
2. Gigoo – Boulevard 511
3. Klangfarbe Antifeind – Eleganz
4. Fellow Chive – White Light
5. HandyKraft – The Dust
6. Turbogaz – Cameo (Eddie Gun Remix)
7. Fat and Ugly, Bobble – Miura (Klangfarbe Antifeind Remix)
8. Baroque – Abstraxion
9. Les Tronchiennes – Growl
10. Subwaves – Louisiana
11. Trve, Turbogaz – Dawn (Wordlife Remix)
12. The Sexinvaders – Your Man
13. Stoom – Bring the Lights
14. Turbogaz – Tu 2 (Nanophonyk Remix)
15. Ricktronik – Tears (Jagerverb Remix)
16. TRVE – Link (Original Mix)
17. Joao Ceser – Bagpipes (Feat. Midguy) (feat. Midguy)
18. Tillau – Inworn
19. STSB – Four
20. Lost Osaka – Tell Me Something About That Clap
21. Rox – Ez (Astronomar Remix)
22. Dr. Bread – Southside
23. Turbogaz – Cameo (Gold N’ Grams Remix)
24. Williaaam – Kidz Just Want to Dance
Kidz Just Want To Dance
Kidz Just Want To Dance, Vol.1

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Check the 17 tracks below and if you love just one, please give them your money. In case you didn’t, please share this with your friends. Maybe one of them will love it. The kids need your support.

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