Astro Zu – Zillion Dollar Uh EP

Astro Zu
Astro Zu

Bad Life present their latest member called Astro Zu. Ronnie aka Astro Zu lives in London and his unlikely story starts in the 80’s at a commune in Staffordshire, where he grew up son to an astrologist Father and new-age yoga-teaching Mum. His childhood was defined by fantasy. With few friends to speak of, Ronnie would retreat into his imagination and conjure up a magical vision of another cosmic world far beyond the realm of this universe. There he would live for hours on end as the master of his own domain: “Astro Zu”.

As he grew up, the phase passed. Following his parent’s divorce he relocated to east London and soon found himself a new obsession: making music. Astro Zu sees Ronnie returning to his imaginary cosmos, this time to provide the soundtrack. It’s a project born from his love of Flying Lotus, 60’s psychedelia and 90’s RnB, once again bringing to life the often weird and fantastical world of his childhood.

Astro Zu – Zillion Dollar Uh
Astro Zu – Zillion Dollar Uh EP

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