Panteros666 – Hyper Reality Mini-LP


Love it. This is real 2013 future rave shit” – Tiga. Enough said? Bromance Records present with #8 their latest release from the eccentric and crazy, but in a positive way, Panteros666. One of the Club Cheval member made this crazy mini LP called “Hyper Reality”. Seven tracks which can sort as “2013 rave shit”. It’s a perfect description.

If you’re unsure which one you should pick, trust me and simply grab “Hyper Reality”, “Porteciel” and “Snaredrum Warfare” because they’re my favourites! Support him on Beatport.

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1. Panteros666 – ?HYPER REALITY?
2. Panteros666 – P?o?r?t?e?c?i?e?l?
3. Panteros666 – E?U?R?O?S?H?I?M?A?
4. Panteros666 – Planetary ?IFI
5. Panteros666 – Olymp X
6. Panteros666 – Snaredr?m ?arfare
7. Panteros666 – Z?? Magazine
Panteros666 – Hyper Reality Mini-LP
Panteros666 – Hyper Reality Mini–LP

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