Maziné – Saxo Phone EP

If you need support, you’ll get it. Especially if you are a nice guy like Maziné who always support my blog! But it’s not only a favour, it’s because he satisfy me with his third EP which release tomorrow by Klangekstase Records! Two originals and two remixes by Adrenaline and Zooash! Both are young and talented too! Check the following preview and grab it on BEATPORT!


1. Maziné – Saxo Phone [0:00 – 1:54]
2. Maziné – Walking Dirty [1:54 – 3:40]
3. Maziné – Saxo Phone (Adrenaline Remix) [3:40 – 4:27]
4. Maziné – Saxo Phone (Zooash Remix) [3:40 – 5:56]

More Info’s:
Maziné on Facebook | Soundcloud | Twitter

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