Digitalism – I Love You Dude

17th June this is the day you should mark in your calendar or anywhere. At this time Digitalism drop their new LP called “I Love You Dude”! Typical lovely synthy electro pop with this not so brilliant but catchy voice. They released also the official video for the track “2 Hearts” which you’ll get for free too! Tracklist of the album should look like this:

2 Hearts
Forrest Gump
Just Gazin
Miami Showdown

Here are the videos of the tracks “2 Hearts” and “Blitz”:

Now here comes the free download area! Grab them while it’s hot AND DON’T MISS this live record from Digitalism at the “I Love You Dude” promotion tour of last week! It’s massive!

? Digitalism – 2 Hearts

? Digitalism – 2 Hearts (Amazona Boys Remix)

? Digitalism – Miami Showdown (Use the form below for download)

And of course you should support them and preorder the LP on Amazon for example! Cheers!

More Info’s:
Digitalism on Facebook | | Twitter

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