Breakfastklub – Holy Shit (Drop That Bass) EP

Breakfastklub comes with there first EP! Listen here first and grab the “Tool-Parts” to make your own version! Read…

What a commercial! Germany’s soccers team failed again and the hole country shouded for the third DDR Release – well, halfway! The “Holy Shit” is coming! It hammers the bad mood from our faces! No place for bitch up! Only Bass Bass Bass! But no! DROP THAT BASS! To confine the first Breakfastklub Release would be little bit poor! No – its more like this! So make your own impression and shout with us “HOLY SHIT” but with a smile please! The headline Remix is this time by “Simma Rec.” labels boss “Will Bailey”! Also with us are our DDR homies “Lars Moston” & “Golden Toys”


Breakfastklub – Holy Shit (Drop that bass)
Holy Shit (Drop That Bass) Breakfastklub – Holy Shit (Drop that bass) (Will Bailey Remix)
Holy Shit (Drop That Bass) (Will Bailey Remix) Breakfastklub – Muzak Pt.1 (Golden Toys 2010 Remix)
Muzak Pt.1 (Golden Toys 2010 Remix) Breakfastklub – Muzak Pt.2 (Lars Moston 2010 Remix)
Muzak Pt.2 (Lars Moston 2010 Remix)

And last but not least buy the “Muzak Tool” which was the basic for the Golden Toys and the Lars Moston Remix and make your own TRACK! Send your remix till the 31.08.2010 to “label[at]dusteddecks[dot]de” and win a place on the “REMIX EP”!

Out soon on all major stores… Buy it here on Juno!

After some misunderstandings my friends send a free track for you all!? Enjoy! 😉

Breakfastklub – Muzak Pt.1 (Burak Remix)
Muzak Pt.1 (Burak Remix)


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