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Broke One
Broke One

Broke One is a DJ and producer hailing from Milan, Italy. Starting as a self-taught musician, he gained the spotlight in the early ’10s. His new LP called “Reminiscence” can be recognized as his most mature and complete work in career, after releasing miscellaneous EPs, singles and remixes. Being appreciated not only in Italy but also abroad, he performed all around Europe, his tracks have been played on BBC Radio 1 and Red Bull Music Academy chose him for its 2011 edition.

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1. Stasis
2. Chaos Engine
3. Wow Signal
4. Reminiscence
5. Sparse Grids
6. Explorateurs
7. Geofront
8. Monolith
9. Tesseract
10. 2069
11. First Contact
12. Transmissions
13. Past Lives
Broke One – Reminiscence
Broke One – Reminiscence (Album Teaser)
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The “Reminiscence LP” comes as Broke One’s personal compendium: a shrewdly assembled mix of techno, house and drum’n’bass, which opens a new chapter in his artistic path. Nebulous memories of his previous works materialize, joining an electronic backbone oriented more towards the listening experience than the dance floor. Nonetheless the beat is never lost. Even when everything blurs and fades, the groove is overwhelming.

If you follow my page you know that I love diversity and Broke One combine so many genres and influences into this thirteen songs. I really love this LP! You can get it on iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, Spotify and many more. Enjoy!

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Broke One on Facebook Broke One on Soundcloud Broke One on Twitter Broke One on Bandcamp

7 1. Stasis

9 2. Chaos Engine

9 3. Wow Signal

7 4. Reminiscence

9 5. Sparse Grids

7 6. Explorateurs

8 7. Geofront

8 8. Monolith

7 9. Tesseract

9 10. 2069

7 11. First Contact

8 12. Transmissions

6 13. Past Lives

The diversity is what I love and that's what Broke One put into his LP. Influences of so many genres. A stunning LP!

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