Shinichi Osawa – Birds/Swallow EP

Shinichi Osawa
Shinichi Osawa

Proudly present to you the latest EP by Japanese electro/techno veteran Shinichi Osawa. The “Birds/Swallow EP” released today on Bart B More‘s Secure Recordings. Birds is a minimal-tech backyard rave with echoing chirps and a chainsaw riff that simple hands in the air would not suffice and an almost groove of rioting bleeps with a constant rolling baseline. While Swallow is the complimentary cause he builds taps and clicks all in the right spots. Both comes with this catchy melody, intermittent claps,samples and bleepy synths. Your head will definitly nod automatically in sync.

If this wouldn’t enough, label boss Bart B More grabs Swallow‘s best part and adds a tasty build-up with a quite bigger kick. This is just the perfect complement to both originals. The EP is available exclusively on Beatport. You should support one of my all-time favourite act, with his two or more faces of musicial creativity, just an example: Thousand Tears Orchestra #1020. Enjoy!

Show Tracklist
1. Shinichi Osawa – Birds (Original Mix)
2. Shinichi Osawa – Swallow (Original Mix)
3. Shinichi Osawa – Swallow (Bart B More Remix)
Shinichi Osawa – Birds_Swallow EP
Shinichi Osawa – Birds/Swallow EP
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Shinichi Osawa - Birds/Swallow EP

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More Info’s:

Shinichi Osawa on Facebook Shinichi Osawa on Soundcloud Shinichi Osawa on Twitter Shinichi Osawa on Beatport
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