Interview: Future Proof (incl. Liveset at Utopia Island 2014)

Future Proof
Future Proof

Let me present to you Future Proof, the Munich based all-rounder who already released some records and remixes on Acidkids Records or Pink-Pong. While touring through several clubs and festivals (like his set at Utopia Island below, which was luckily recorded) he found some time to answer the questions below. Enjoy!

Future Proof_Cover
Future Proof Live at Utopia Island 2014
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1. Nice to have you for this little interview. Please give my readers a little introduction about the person behind Future Proof.
Hey guys, thanks for having me! The person behind this project is called Ariel. 29 years old producer, dj and graphic designer from munich.

2. Did you grow up in a music oriented family? How was your first touch with electronic music and what was your first record you’ve bought?
I think I was 6 years old. We had this school lesson to get in touch for the first time with simple music instrumets. It was for supporting musical education. After a few lessons, I went to music school and learned over 8 years to play saxophon. That was the instrument that I wanted to play the most. My parents supported me in this time a lot. When I was 16 years old, I bought “Homework” from Daft Punk on vinyl. That was my magical moment. I was so fascinated by this type of sound. So I said to myself: This is exactly that what I want to do!

Digitate – Closer (Future Proof Remix)
Digitate – Closer (Future Proof Remix)
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3. For me it’s essential to listen to all kind of music, like classic rock, old school hip hop and much more. What about you? I mean, it’s important to understand how things have changed over years and genres merge into new music.
I know what you mean. I try to get a lot of new and different influences by a lot of music genres. I mean, would you eat your whole life the same sort of fruit? It’s all about the mix. I grew up with the 80s, started to listen as a 12 years old skaterboy skate punk rock & oldschool rap/hip hop and now I’m djing and producing electronic dance music. And every mood and situation needs the right kind of music.

4. So could you list maybe five songs which were a big inspiration in your musical-life?
Tuff question! I listen to music my whole life now. But let me try to name this songs!
1. Groove ArmadaSuperstylin
2. SoulwaxAny minute now / Nite Versions
3. Souls of Mischief93 til Infinity
4. RJD2Chicken Bone Circuit
5. Daft PunkBurnin

5. Let bygones be bygones, it’s been a bit quite around you according to your last official release on Pink-Pong in January and the releases on Acidkids? Did you take a break?
I played over the last months a lot of club and festival gigs. I also started in a new agency as a graphic designer, so there have been a lot of things, which kept me away from my gears. But I’m very motivated to get back in studio. I have a lot of new ideas! Meanwhile I finished an official remix for Hanumantribe, which comes out on Riot Riot Records soon.

Future Proof feat. Aparillo – Gravity EP
Future Proof feat. Aparillo – Gravity EP
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6. What can we expect in the next months? It’s time babble some secrets…
I’m planning again a switzerland/austria tour together with Masaje (Stamina Agency) from Ravensburg! The last tour was so much fun! We want to do again another round. And meanwhile I will finish my next EP. You can expect a 3 track EP, with some nice remixes on.

7. If people become curious and want to see you live, where are your upcoming gigs?
I already played at the Playground and Utopia Island Festivals and for fall there are gigs in Augsburg (Schwarzes Schaf), Regensburg, Landshut (Bauhaus), Ravensburg and some other great citys! And maybe some indoor festivals!

8. Last but not least, a list with your favourite tracks at the moment would be great!
1. GrazeSkip/Crush
2. ChambrayGhetto Giants
3. DigitateCloser EP
4. L-VIS 1990Flashdrive
5. TWR72 “Heat”
6. ModeratBad Kindom
7. Kalipo “Ganja”
8. Alex MetricHope

9. Thanks for this short Q&A and I can’t wait to here your upcoming stuff…
Thank you for the interview and for having me! I hope you enjoy my live dj mix from the Utopia Island Festival. Take care! Cheers

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