BeatauCue – Kyllan (JoeFarr Remix)


Every single time I’m listening to a random JoeFarr track, including the new remix for BeatauCue‘s Kyllan, I wait for the doorbell and my neighbor start to yell about the noise. But you need to listen to his music as loud as possible. Luckily, it didn’t happend so far. Shout out to my neighbors! Anyway, what I try to say is, JoeFarr knows to play this huge and heavy sounding drums. It’s just wow! Beside this remix, Kyllan was also remixed by Prince Club, Asa and Belarbi. Check the whole EP on Beatport. Enjoy!

BeatauCue – Kyllan
BeatauCue – Kyllan (JoeFarr Remix)

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BeatauCue - Kyllan EP

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