Malente & Breakfastklub – Danger Zone EP

Malente & Breakfastklub

On the one side, we have Malente who’s No Brainer Records label-boss and also knowned for his collaborations with Treasure Fingers, Zero Cash and more like even the two guys from Breakfastklub. The duo formed by Nick D-Lite (exclusive mix) and Janosh are infamous for their dynamic performing live and the first collab with Malente (“Hymn“) which was the official soundtrack of one of the biggest festival in Germany called Sputnik Spring Break.

Now with “Danger Zone“, they released the second EP together with remixers like The Sneekers, Donovans and A.N.D.Y. Spaced out club sounds, created and designed with such a great dancefloor experience. As if two originals “Danger Zone” and “I 1 U 2 Love” were not enough, we get some high quality constructions reinterpreted with the unique sound of The Sneekers, who delivered one of the interessing remix-concepts of this package. I’m also a huge fan of the remixes by Turbo Recordings finest Donovans and A.N.D.Y. – great work!

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Malente & Breakfastklub – Danger Zone EP
Malente & Breakfastklub – Danger Zone EP

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