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It’s been a while since I’ve made my latest post. Sorry for that but I was looking for something new – which I found with a complete new player added to the page. The old page also got some minor bugs and sure I was happy with the look cause it was a free theme but it was simple not up-to-date which was a big problem. So there was only one way to add this new player, I had to look for a new theme.

And this is not so easy if you simply google for wordpress theme and get 221.000.000 results. Anyway, I found it. The new one doesn’t come with a complete new concept cause I like this grid view but it’s cleaner. I’ve also deleted the background and changed it to this pattern to increase the loading spees. I try to focus on the content, the music. That’s why I spent so many hours in blogging, I just want to support the music I love. And I guess the new look stand for it.

Let me start with the basic and important innovation – the player.

The exclusives for l0r3nz–music.net!
► Play▼ Download

You can shuffle the playlist, tweet and share what you listen on Twitter and Facebook and sure you can download it. Even by clicking on the Download-button (here you’ll be redirect to the soundcloud set) or track by track in the player at the button.

And the second thing, which is more a test in the next weeks is the red like button on top. It’s not the same like button you might know for facebook, it’s more an internal ranking system. If you like the track/post, feel free to like it. As more people will do this, it will simply fill up the “Top 5 Posts” at the sidebar. So any new visitor will know, what is the hottest post right now.

Feel free to explore the page to find some more helpful goodies and sure don’t be shy and leave some feedback about what you love or what you don’t like with the new page.


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