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Can you guess which guys said the following: “Celsius is incredible“, “Love it!” or “This is proper. Like, dark shit one strobe in the club whilst some shit you can’t imagine happens right next to you at 4am type proper.“? No less than Jacques Lu Cont, Zombie Nation and Nick Thayer from OWSLA!

Incredible feedback and an amazing start for this new Italian record label called Gold Nite Records. I’m really glad to have Trve who made this two originals for the first exclusive mix in 2013. More info’s about him can be found in the interview below. Be sure to support this guy and grab a copy of his Celsius EP on Beatport.


Show Tracklist
1. ????? – ?????
2. Turbogaz – Tu 2
3. Feadz & Kito – Oh Yeah (BS1 Remix)
4. Vakkuum – Sonar (NT89 Remix)
5. SCNTST – Da bizzy jump
6. Baskerville – Priam
7. Mike Denhert – Pneumatic
8. Fat n Ugly – Elephant attack
9. Casino Gold – Ricochete
10. The Rox – Dope
11. Sound of Stereo – TFA (Vakkuum Remix)
12. Trve – Link
13. Clouds – Gang 49
14. Gingy & Bordello – Ausbruch
15. John Roman – Tgs
16. Midland – Bring Joy (2012 refix) w/ Nina Kraviz – Ghetto Kraviz (Acapella)
17. Trikk – Jointly
18. Trevino – Derelict

LM: Welcome Andrea, I’m glad to have you here for this interview and thanks for the amazing mixtape. First of all, would you please give my readers a brief introduction about you and your alter ego Trve

Trve.: I‘m 19 years old and i was born near Milan, northern Italy. Music has always played a crucial role in my life. Despite my age, I took part in many punk rock/metal projects as a drummer, since 2012 i decided to totally dedicate myself to electronic music. The name TRVE results from my passion for norwegian black metal (trve norwegian black metal) and it also rapresents what I’m intended to do, true music, with no compromises!

LM: Did you grow up in a music oriented family? How was your first touch with electronic music?

Trve.: My mom is a big fan of 70’s – 80’s disco music, she owns a lot of LPs from that period, and I listen to some of them every now and then. My father has never been really into music, however he introduced me to bands such as AC/DC and Kiss.
I think the first time I approached electronic music has been in 2006, i was 13 years old!

LM: 2013 just started so how was the last year? What were your best moments?

Trve.: last year marked a turning point in my musical “career“, before that I used to be a DJ, performing with a Fabio, a friend of mine, and that was it; during the first months in 2012 I started this project, TRVE, and I wrote my first song, “Clipper“, which really sucked! [laughs] Best moments, uh? Mmmh, a very good one was the “Destroy The Disco“ closing party, organized by my close friends Alessandro and Edoardo, to whom i say hi, and that actually launched me in the world of electronic music. And also a festival I attended with my friend and producer Klash.

LM: Please, tell us something about the way you work on your tracks, your studio equipment, hard- or-softwaresynths, drummachines etc. A nice little roundup would be great.

Trve.: The way i work on my tracks? [laughs] I really don’t know, I don’t know music theory, i played the drums for five years, so the drum sections were quite easy to write; the tough times arrive when i start adding synths, i follow my intuitons, letting the sensations that a certain instrument gives me to lead my ispiration. I use Ableton Live to produce, I don’t have any external gear, even if sometimes i use a MPK mini, very useful and easy (I used it for “Celsius“, which is a 10‘ jam).

LM: Your new “Celsius EP” gained lots of huge feedback by the likes of Zombie Nation, Jacques Lu Cont or Philippe Zdar… I’m a big big fan of the whole EP (a massive Elektropusher remix too!) so what can the reader expect, if he hasn’t heard it yet?

Trve.: Dark and direct techno, crazy synths, you won’t be able to stand still! [laughs]

LM: It’s your second EP (first one was Regards on Silver Wave Rec) and the first one for Gold Nite Records. How did that come about?

Trve.: Last summer Federico showed an interest in my works before an event both of us would attend and play, and he liked some of my tunes. We meet again at a festival near Milan, we were supposed to play on the same stage and we’ve kept in touch ever since. I gave him the demos of Link and Celsius and he loved ‘em! [laughs]

LM: What are your plans for the future? Is there any new EP’s or collabs to come? Tell us some secrets!

Trve.: I signed a 2 years exclusive with Gold Nite Records, my original mix will come out from there. I want to grow up with this crew, these guys are young, talented and they have a huge pontential; they’re working just like some big labels, if not even better. At this very moment I’m working on a remix for Fried Guy (it will come out on JFK‘s Teenage Riot) and on my second EP!

LM: Your top five tracks at the moment:

Pilo – Ubstraktion (Jazz yo self mix)

SCNTST – Not Sure Playmodul – Null Vier (B1) TRIKK – Jointly xxyyxx – fields

LM: Your top five tracks of all time:

Trve.: (very hard)
Jeff Mills – The Bells

Cherrymoon Trax – The House Of House Plastikman – Ping Pong Emmanuel Top – Turkish Bazar 4th Mesure Men – 4 You

LM: If you could meet a 90-years-old-Andrea, what would he tell you about his best moments in life?

Trve.: He would tell me he always lived for the music and he got all the biggest satisfactions.

LM: Thank you very much and at least if you want to say something world-changing, it’s your chance…

Trve.: Hail to the Alcoholic Brianza!

More Info’s:
TRVE on Facebook | Soundcloud | Beatport | Gold Nite Records on Facebook

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