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It was the 13th February 2012 when my introducing post about Volta released – filled with facts about his beginnig, releases and more. Now, more than six months later we meet again to present to you his latest gift – an exclusive mix. 40 minutes from peaceful, melodic sounds to the darker and rougher tracks… Be sure to grab this mix and read the rest of the interview below… Enjoy.


Show Tracklist
Sonnentanz – Klangkarussell
Sunset – The xx (Volta remix)
On Further Inspection – Joefarr
Shut Up! – Proxy (John Roman remix)
Gang 49 – Clouds
Sonar – Vakkuum
Dirty Knees – Mustard Pimp (Attaque remix)
The Other One – Noob
Gold Rush – BS1
Mossing – Volta (Count Clockwork Remix)
Mossing – Volta (Made in Paris remix)
Sonic Swamp – Clouds
Hypnotize Minds – Henzel & Disco Nova (NT89 remix)
Sonic Swamp – Clouds

LM: It’s really nice to have you, so give my readers a little introduction!?

Thanks for having me! I’m 23 years old and am currently living in
Toronto. I started producing just over a year ago while I was doing an
internship in Bonn at Deutsche Welle and have been keeping up with it
since. You might remember me from my remix of The xx’s ‘Sunset’.

LM: Your hometown is Jena? So you’ve got German roots?

Yeah, I was born there when it was still East Germany and moved to a
small town in Ontario with my parents when I was six. The rest of my
family is still there and I always look forward to coming back.

LM: Try to describe your productions with 5 words.

Bold, impending, unrelenting, makeshift, charming.

LM: Please tell us something about your upcoming releases/remixes and
stuff…Maybe some secrets?

My next original release will be my Mossing/Wasabi EP on Crux Records,
still waiting on the final release date. That will include two remixes
of ‘Mossing’ by Count Clockwork and Made in Paris and a free remix by
Dr. Bread of ‘Wasabi’.

I also have a remix for PTN coming out on Macro Records soon, as well
as remix for Jean e La Plastique on Trashz Records.

LM: Let’s end up with some simple questions, the track you start your sets?

Right now I’d say I start most with On Further Inspection by JoeFarr.

LM: The track you can listen to every day?

Right now: I’ve Been Waiting by Nightbreaker.

All time: Aaron by Paul Kalkbrenner

or Jeffer by Boys Noize.

LM: Which track you’re forced to play in a club at the peak time?

Surreal Sound’s remix of Alko’s ‘Zelfen’.

LM: Thanks for the mix and if you want to say something to the
internet, now you’ll have the chance

I guess this would be a good place to share my remix of Boys Noize’s
‘What You Want’ for the Beatport Play contest. Voting starts today

& thanks for the continued support.

More Info’s:
Volta on Facebook | Soundcloud | Twitter

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