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After a super successful year 2011 with releases on Bad Life, Southern Fried or remixes for Discobelle, Lektroluv and BoemklatschNT89 delivers his new bomb on Fool’s Gold Records. The Voices EP is a three track EP with the title track “Voices”, “Decoder” and “Hot Signal”. “Like a George Kranz Din Da Da for the club generation. Feeling it.” – that’s what Annie Mac said about the release and I guess it’s the perfect description of “Voices”. Unbelievable good title track.

But as I’m hyped by “Voices” so I’m not impressed by the other originals. “Hot Signal” is deep, powerfull and exactly on point to be classified as a “future techno” track, but I miss that certain something. Which is the same for the last track called “Decoder”. Just my thoughts. Sorry Nima – anyway – Voices is too good!

Show Tracklist
It’s a hypnotic burst of chopped club music: echo chamber snare hits, endlessly rolling tom toms and the craziest vocal-as-synthesizer since Ferris stole a Ferrari to the tune of Yello’s “Oh Yeah.” But Bueller never jacked his body like THIS! “Voices” comes backed by the pulverizing “Hot Signal” (imagine “Voices”‘ chain smoking, Gesaffelstein-loving older brother), and the dreamy thump of “Decoder,” making for one of FG’s most exciting and techno-friendly releases to date.

Check also the last promo mix and be sure to get your copy of the “Voices EP” on iTunes!

? NT89 – Voices EP Previews


Style of Eye: “EP is HUGE, gonna blow up the spot!
Fake Blood: “Voices is great. I might play it back to back with my own track Voices – Voices all the way!
Boris Dlugosch: “BIG!!! especially VOICES is really really good!!
Harvard Bass: “Solid EP. Loving Voices. Will definitely be supporting
Tommie Sunshine: “This is amazing. Full support
Autokratz: “Love it. Nima can do no wrong.
Malente: “Big tune(s). Will play for sure!
Don Rimini: “Such a good idea to put these kind of vocals, fresh and ’80s – I love Voices!
Tony Senghore: “You can always count on Nima to come up with the fresh & crispy stuff. It’s techno that isn’t pretentious, uninventive or boring. Ah, the joy!

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