Five Tracks – 27

I’m back with my next Five Tracks post and I’ll bring you some good tunes again. If you missed, that all my stored tracks and mixtapes were deleted by Mediafire, that’s no problem. Cause most of them are online again. I’ve changed the hoster to Zippyshare. It’s not that comfortable and clean but hey, it works fine! Anyway, If there are some tracks offline, simply leave a comment. Now, enjoy!

Beasty Boys - Sabotoge (Clockwork 2012 Bootleg)

It’s hard to impress me with a bootleg of Beasty Boys, but Clockwork did an amazing good job. Grab it while it’s hot.

Casey Spooner - Cinnamon Toast (Modek Remix)

Next one is Modek. So what can I tell y’all except that this guy is out of control. His last tracks and remixes are off the hook!

Gorillaz - Feel Good Inc. (Professor Kliq Remix)

This Chicago based guy tranform the well known original to a datchy dancefloor killer. Really love the grove. First heared it on Stay tuned, I guess there will comes more by Professor Kliq.

Ostblockschlampen - Sweet Dreams

The Germans love Sweat Dreams, espacially it’s played by Ostblockschlampen. The duo played it on several festivals and the crowd went crazy on this one. Grab it for free. Rave on!

J-Trick - Wanksta (Original Mix)

Some would call it bang0r or something like that. I would say it’s a cool electro hose track. Not that EPIC SHIT, but nice. 😉

More Info’s:
Modek | Clockwork | Professor Kliq | Ostblockschlampen | J-Trick

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