Housemeister feat. P.O.S – Weird Friends EP

Yesterday Housemeister droped his new EP called “Weird Friends”! It’s a collab with P.O.S. and got remixed by TWR72, Mixhell and Obi Blanche! If you just read first line you’ll think about an typical quality release but it’s more. I guess this new way, I mean combine rap vocals with electro sound, is one of those positiv changes in 2011! So let’s have a listen to the remixes! Guys, TWR72 knows how to deliver some amazing tunes! No doubt they will get it into my “favourite artists 2011 post”… The Vocal Mix is just awesome! And what’s with the Mixhell and Obi Blanche remixes? Don’t worry, just get your copy it’s worth it!

Go and buy the release here on BEATPORT!

Show Tracklist
HOUSEMEISTER is back with his big new single “Weird Friends”, which is based on the original track “Hirschkeule” from his new album “Music Is Awesome”. “Weird Friends” fancies with Hip-Hop and the result is nothing but a serious banger.

The mixbreed of EDM and Hip-Hop with Indie-rapper P.O.S from Minnesota spitting the truth on the mic and Housemeister’s signature heavy beats is a no brainer. The acid-guitar line weaving its way into your brain and huge drum fills keeping things interesting, this effort is sure to stand out in any set! P.O.S’ rap to skateboard to fits great and his wide range of musical skills brings this tune where it needs to be – on a merciless half-pipe shred. The Ryhmesayers Entertainment artist, who is also co-founder of Doomtree Collective, has his roots in the punk US-punk-scene, which might be another good reason why the two go so good together. They have their ears open for a lot of different styles.

“Weird Friends” comes with remixes from so hot TWR72 who deliver a solid tech-dub, Obi Blanche who adds a funky live bass ala Cypress Hill meets Smith N Hack and our favourite Brazilians Mixhell deliver a tropical disco-rave mix with epic drumfills by hero Iggor Cavalera of Sepultura.

Watch out for Housemeister’s “Weird Friends” and don’t forget to check out the “Music Is Awesome” album, out now!


1. Weird Friends feat. P.O.S
2. Hirschkeule
3. Weird Friends feat. P.O.S (Obi Blanche Remix)
4. Weird Friends feat. P.O.S (TWR72 Dub Mix)
5. Hirschkeule (Mixhell Remix)
6. Weird Friends feat. P.O.S (TWR72 Radio Vocal Remix) (Beatport Bonus Track)

? Housemeister feat. P.O.S – Weird Friends EP Preview

Oh and stay tuned, the official video comes soon! Enjoy!

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Housemeister | Mixhell | Obi Blanche | TWR72

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