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Download: X-Ettl – Mashed up madness for l0r3nz-music.net

X-Ettl – Mashed up madness for l0r3nz-music.net

Finally here is the next exclusive mix I got from one of my favourite artists out there – X-Ettl! Okay it’s not a full mix, it’s more something different as the last exclusive mixtapes cause he made a special seven minutes mashup!! It’s pure energy! Amazing! Really love it!

I’ve also sent him some questions which are maybe of interest for you. Well, I hope you’ll enjoy!

LM: First, thank’s for take your time and answering some questions. So what the hell are you doing right now? Cause it became a little quiet around X-ettl!

X-Ettl: I’m taking some time to produce new tracks. I can’t do anything else, because I have no bookings in 2011. I have to wait until 14 januari to play again.
New things are, only the remix I made for F.O.O.L actually, but there are more things here on my mac I didn’t came out with yet.
So, yes, it’s a little quiet around X-ettl, but there’s a lot happening behind the scenes. Don’t worry.

LM: Slowly but surely 2011 comes to an end, so what was your personal highlight this year and why?

X-Ettl: I would remember a highlight, and I don’t remember anything.
You could say I’m happy about 2011, but it wasn’t my “highlight year”.

LM: After your “Sintetic” EP on german label Mähtrasher (which I missed and that’s a shame) what are your plans for the next months or 2012 – what we could expect?

X-Ettl: Well, I’m busy on new stuff, but I already said that. There are no solid plans yet, or I better say: I can’t talk about them yet.
But I’m definitely looking forward to some ‘plans’.

LM: You are one of those guys who can’t handle your musical output with just one alter ego, so you have two, X-ettl and Shaytek. What’s the difference between them and why you have two?

X-Ettl: Yeah! I really can’t handle it, I even have more, but I only do other projects when I don’t feel like making an X-ettl or Shaytek.

I think I don’t have to explain the difference.. I think it’s quite obvious when you listen to it.

LM: Do you have a “ritual” before you’ll play a club/festival or something like that? I mean some DJ’s come, play and go or others just enjoy the energy, talk to some people, drink a lot and then play. And how would be the perfect gig for you?

X-Ettl: Redbull! And the perfect gig for me is.. big or small, it doesn’t matter, but with people enjoying and dancing and shouting on my music.
That’s all I need.. and Redbull.. of course 🙂

LM: Your top 5 tracks at the moment?

X-Ettl: I’m really no top anything man, so I just gonna skip this question.. and the next one too 😉

So if you really want to know which tracks X-Ettl have mashed up, so leave a comment, share it with your friends and maybe he will give it to us! Or find the tracks by your own! Anyway, enjoy!

More Info’s:
X-Ettl on Facebook | Twitter | Soundcloud | Beatport

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