Five Tracks – 16

So here we go with another Five Tracks post. Just want to say that this isn’t a weekly post series cause I don’t want to share only mp3s but this time you’ll get only free tracks so you don’t have to feel to do something illegal! Awesome tracks like “Kicker” which is completly made with samples or the mind blowing Jean Nipon remix of Dems – House. I really love these tracks. If you feel it too, grab your favourites, say thanks and give me a like! Spread the word. Enjoy!

? Skrillex – Drop Dead (Blende Remix)
Skrillex – Drop Dead (Blende Remix) ? Strip Steve & Rynecologist – Kicker
Strip Steve & Rynecologist – Kicker ? Costello feat. Mia April – Folded
Costello feat. Mia April – Folded ? Balkan Beat Box – Bulgarian Chicks (Kick-OH Re-Dub)
Balkan Beat Box – Bulgarian Chicks (Kick-OH Re-Dub) ? Dems – House (Jean Nipon Remix)
Dems – House (Jean Nipon Remix)

More Info’s:
Blende | Strip Steve | Rynecologist | Costello | Kick-Oh | Jean Nipon

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